Let’s talk glycerin! Tik Tok’s hottest new beauty trend

Glycerin, long hailed as the unsung hero in countless skincare products, is stealing the limelight on TikTok in its rawest form: pure glycerin. With its easy-on-the-pocket nature, TikTok is abuzz with queries such as 'glycerin uses', 'glycerin tips', and 'benefits of pure glycerin'. Impressively, the tags #glycerin and #glycerin together have garnered a whopping 70 million views.

Yet, while its rise in popularity is evident, it's essential to delve deeper. Known alternatively as glycerol or glycerin, this ingredient functions as a humectant, luring moisture to the skin. Often starring in moisturizers and serums, its compact molecules penetrate the skin profoundly, ensuring prolonged hydration. Perfect for the sensitive-skinned, unadulterated glycerin strengthens the skin's natural defences, warding off dryness and irritation. Its versatility doesn't end there: it's a wallet-friendly body hydrator and a boon for hair care.

For those wanting to ride this wave, remember glycerin shines brightest when applied to moist skin. This allows it to synergize with water, enhancing its absorption.

As the pure glycerin trend sweeps TikTok, it tempts users with its myriad of benefits paired with cost-effectiveness. Stay tuned with me to remain in the loop about the freshest trends shaking up social media and guiding your next product development! Not to detract from complex formulations.

Glycerin is not new to the industry, its increasing popularity in beauty and skincare as a single ingredient bottled platforms off other single ingredient products like hyaluronic, acid salicylic, glycolic, vitamin-c retinol acid…now its glycerin’s turn, to take it one step further glycerin is best boosted as delivery system for single ingredient plant extract serums. It's nature's complex formulation, with all the phyto-active compounds in their entourage. 

It seems like it’s here to stay with the CAGR global market growth expected to rise from $3.7B in 2022 to $5.4B by 2028.


What is Glycerin?

Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is an organic sugar alcohol, soluable in water, colourless, odourless, sweet tasting and syrupy liquid derived from both plant and animal sources. It's a humectant, which means it has the ability to draw moisture from the environment and hold it close to the skin. This property makes glycerin a favourite among formulations aiming to provide hydration.


Why is Glycerin Trending As A Single Ingredient?

    • Natural Hydration: In today’s beauty world, the emphasis on hydrated, glowing skin is more significant than ever. From Korean beauty’s "glass skin" trend to the rise of hydrating serums and mists, products that promise plump, dewy complexions are in demand. Glycerin delivers on this promise. Its unique ability to draw moisture to the skin and lock it in ensures that the skin remains hydrated for longer periods.
    • Suitable for All Skin Types: One of the reasons glycerin has become a staple in so many products is its universal appeal. Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin, glycerin can be beneficial. For dry skin, it offers the obvious benefits of hydration. For oily skin, it provides moisture without adding greasiness, thereby reducing the need for the skin to produce excess oil.
    • Versatility: Glycerin's texture and properties make it an excellent addition to various product formulations, from serums and moisturizers to cleansers and toners. Its non-sticky nature allows it to blend seamlessly, enhancing the product's overall feel and effectiveness.
    • Eco-responsible glycerin: As consumers become more environmentally conscious, there's a rising demand for sustainably sourced ingredients. Vegetable-derived glycerin is biodegradable and can be obtained from sustainable sources, making it an eco-responsible choice for beauty brands to consider. Note not all two glycerin’s are made the same, many come from palm oil derivates so always ask the question – where did my glycerin come from?

At NATIVE EXTRACTS we put eco-conscious choices first we’re the first extract company in the World POFCAP certified, and we use eco-responsible vegetable derived glycerin. The new age conscious consumer demands like never before eco-first choices.


Spotlight on Glycerin in Product Formulations

Many brands, both mainstream and indie, are prominently featuring glycerin in their product line-ups. Let’s explore a few examples:

    • Serums: Glycerin-based plant extract serums are on the rise. When combined with other active ingredients like hyaluronic acid or vitamins, glycerin may help penetrate the skin and deliver hydration alongside other benefits, potentially a carrier.
    • Face Mists: A quick spritz of a glycerin-based plant extract, layered with botanical glycertract plant extract deliver can immediately refresh the skin, providing a dewy finish that lasts throughout the day.
    • Cleansers: Even in cleansers, which are meant to remove dirt and impurities, glycerin plays a role. It ensures that the skin doesn't feel stripped or tight post-wash, maintaining the skin's natural moisture barrier.

 Phyto-compounds x Glycerin

Glycerin, a well known humectant, is an ideal extractant for plant extracts.

The Cellular Extraction innovation has evolved the glycerine extract over the past decade. Successfully harnessing the natural pyto-active compounds found in fruit, leaf, flower, fungi – delivering the water-soluble entourage as designed by nature.

Beyond moisture, glycerin is an effective extract solvent for Cellular Extraction, allowing solubilization and stabilization of a plants’ active compounds, (ie. antioxidants, vitamins, phenolic acids, organic acids, flavonoids and more) acting as a delivery system direct to the skin or into the formulation. 


Best boosted with botanical extracts, in our opinion!

To the Tik tokkers’ on the glycerin trend, level up your hydration with natural plant molecules, the next evolution of this trend is single glycerin plant extract serums.

The beauty world's love affair with glycerin is well-justified, it's important to make sure it's ethically sourced.

Glycerin's ability to hydrate, coupled with its versatile nature, ensures it has a lasting place in our skincare routines. The glycerin single ingredient trend in beauty isn't just a trend - it's here to stay, the evolution will be glycerin plant extract serums feeding the skin natural molecules carried in glycerin.