We partner with brands, growers, contract manufacturers and formulating chemists to bring visions to life, and LIFE to products through our True to Nature ingredients. Working to client briefs, we consult with brands and their contract manufacturers to recommend extracts to build brand differentiation, while connecting species to brand stories.

Through our Innovation Map, we collaborate on client briefs, considering brand ethos and purpose-driven initiatives. Learn more about how our natural innovations in water and oil-soluble ingredients, conscious manufacturing practices and traceable sources can support your journey in creating unique products with purpose. Request a presentation and Innovation Map to begin a True to Nature NPD or Brand Refresh.


a new palette of tools

Our range truly delivers what is found in nature, backed by science, offering unique marketability and practices good for the planet and people.


• Deliver powerful natural molecules and design A-beauty heroes or take a new look at traditional botanical favourites from all over the globe
• Replace inferior traditional botanical extracts with advanced Cellular Extracts, Seed Oils, Oil Infusions and EssenXces
• Refresh existing formulations with full plant profile actives for greater natural and traceable stories
• Custom design new categories e.g. Ingestibles, liposomes, encapsulation, infusions, etc.
• Offer exclusive botanicals, proprietary blends offering new imagery, unique marketability, advancing natural product lines, flexibility for R&D. 


We're ahead of the trends, so you will be. We lead natural cosmetic innovation through continued R&D, delivering a fresh palette of natural tools for brands around the world.

Innovation Zone: We offer exclusive botanicals with unique backstories, proprietary blends offering new imagery, unique marketability, advancing natural product lines, flexibility for R&D.

Product + Brand Support: Working to client briefs, we collaborate to find the right species to let their phyto-compound profiles lead the formulation.

Species Storytelling: We bring you closer to your ingredients than any other manufacturer, even offering the opportunity to sponsor your own native garden, to support the expansion of the native botanicals primary industry, to support growers and harvesters and connect your customers closer to the source. 

Native's Promise

Responsible Supply: Our transparent sourcing ensures traceability and sustainable harvesting from earth conscious growers and harvesters (link to sustainability page - our sustainability practices)

Scalability: We can grow with you from 10 kilos to a ton

Quick Turnaround:  Our rapid extraction process delivers fresh ingredients with a longer shelf life and extracts that are customised to order

Quality Manufacturing: ISO 9001:2015, Food and Beverage Certificate and working on HACCP now