ARE YOU WORKING ON ANHYDROUS FORMULATIONS? Or perhaps you need an oil-soluble ingredient that can give your product a new point of difference. There hasn’t been a lot of exciting new sources of vegetable/carrier oils for decades, but there has been huge market demand for new oil-soluble options to create greater product differentiation – now there is a solution: NATIVE EXTRACTS' unprecedented range of Seed Oils and Infusions … and it is growing! LOOKING FOR NEW SOURCES OF FATTY ACIDS? Our oils deliver: Palmitic, Stearic, Oleic (Omega 9), Linoleic (Omega 6), Alpha Linolenic (Omega 3), Xymenynic acid, Squalene, and more!


Leveraging our advances in Cellular Extraction, new protocols and technology have been applied to minimise the risk of oxidation and peroxidation. We offer CO2, cold-process and high pressure, rapid infusions. Fatty acid profiles are independently verified by 3rd party University laboratories. Peroxide values are tested by our technical team in our facility to ensure you are getting the freshest oil ingredient for your product. All our carrier oils used are sourced directly from the growers/processors and are further tested for compliance as part of our QA process. Ask us about the highest purity Macadamia Oil we use, the peroxide value is <1! (references on request).

Let’s get creative and build a new infusion with you, contact the team to discuss how we can create an oil-soluble ingredient that encapsulates your brand, or explore a new world of oil-soluble ingredients! There are so many options ... Gotu Kola infused in Jojoba Oil, Papaya infused in Sweat Almond Oil, Alfalfa Leaf infused in Grapeseed Oil, or whatever you can dream of next!

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NATIVE SEED OILS and CUSTOM OIL INFUSIONS deliver an exciting range of oil-soluble options, delivering natural fatty acids for your anhydrous formulations or emulsions. Fatty acids and carrier oils are important for our bodies and skin, but there hasn’t been a great deal of new cold pressed or CO2 extracted oils. So, how do you create new points of difference and new stories? ... With our new technology that rapidly infuses fruits, leaves and flowers into high quality pure vegetable oils!

With the growth of anhydrous and waterless formulation design, we recognised the need to give you the opportunity to work with something new in this space that is unique and connected to your brand!

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