Pushing the boundaries of science, NATIVE EXTRACTS delivers new levels of concentration and solubility through a range of natural ingredients for topical and ingestible applications. NATIVE EXTRACTS’ proprietary extraction methods draw on the brilliance of nature's design and the principles of biomimicry. These innovative processes respect and bio-mimic mechanisms tried and tested by nature over billions of years, such as phyto-compound synergy and storage, nutrient transport systems, cellular composition and plants' response to environmental stressors.




Delivering the water-soluble full plant-profile of Australian Native or Traditional Botanical species, Cellular Extracts deliver the ‘blueprint’ of a species including the derivatives as they exist in nature - the entourage. These hydrophilic extracts come in two variations, either concentrates or 10:1 dilutions, depending on your topical formulations’ needs. 

Nature does not just create a single compound, it has evolved efficient and synergistic relationships between multiple compounds. Take a closer look into popular species such as Kakadu PlumQuandongDavidson PlumEmu BushKangaroo AppleDesert LimeIllawarra Flame TreeLemon MyrtleMountain Pepper BerryWillow BarkOlive LeafLicorice and so much more.

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These nutrient-dense liquid extracts are the first of their kind, in a solvent-free format, used in delivering high levels of phyto-compounds for topical or ingestible applications. The latest breakthrough in natural ingredients, Native EssenXces offer never-before-seen concentrations of super-antioxidants, wider ranges of multiple antioxidants and the natural synergistic relationships of their compounds to boost their performance and superior potency, all within one source. 

Natural, active ‘free radical scavenger’ molecules are now capable of new levels of performance across cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food and beverage applications. Access record-breaking levels of nutrients, such as 16,000mg/100g natural Vitamin C in the ESS Kakadu Plum Essence. Explore our range or work with us to develop world-first liquid concentrates for nutrition, healthy or beauty.

We can assist you throughout R&D, determining species through new technology to harness natural molecules – a new palette of natural, INGESTIBLE ingredients for brands around the world. From new hydration deliveries to nutra-beauty shots, the options are endless.

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Explore our unique Carrier Oils and Infusions for topical applications. Our NEW range of Australian Native Seed Oils and Oil Infusions are the latest Australian oil-soluble ingredients. These unique Infusions and Oil Extractions transform Australian flowers, seeds, fruits and leaves into the finest manufactured vegetable oils - delivering quality fatty acid profiles to create new oil-soluble stories, points of differentiation, market trends and branding for potent natural/anti-aging skincare, hair care, treatments, cleansers, lip glosses and more.

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Essential Oils

NATIVE EXTRACTS has developed the most extensive network of quality Australian native growers and wild harvesters, many of whom also produce some of the finest Essential Oils in Australia. We can assist you in sourcing another dimension of activity that Australia’s unique native species have to offer - their essential oil profiles.  Watch this space for interesting, exciting new oils from Australia. Here is our first ... Rainforest Blue!

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