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NATIVE EXTRACTS is home to a vast range of Australian extracts with over 400 botanicals profiled in total. Australia’s pioneer species have survived some of the planet’s most pristine, yet harshest conditions by evolving highly efficient mechanisms to create and store vital, life-sustaining compounds.

NATIVE EXTRACTS’ research on the powerful molecules within both Australian native and traditional botanicals has influenced many global trends in the Beauty Industry and now in food and beverage as well.

Access NEW research on the potent activity from Australia's unique, mega-diversity.

  • Compound Brochures: Vitamin C, Glutathione, Polygodial, etc.
  • "From the Lab" Application Brochures - Extracts for hair, skin, ageing, etc.
  • Presentations - Upcycled ingredients, natural Vitamin C, extract for hair, trends, etc
  • Native’s Lab Companion (coming soon!)


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