NATIVE EXTRACTS is an Australian company leading the evolution of the plant extract through multiple scientific methodologies, new technology development and conscious manufacturing in pursuit to expand knowledge and access to analytic results on a botanical species’ natural phyto-compound profile, creating new access to natural molecules, exploring and saving botanical species and building partnerships that drive greater inclusion and participation for Indigenous and commercial growers in product development across multiple industry sectors – discovering True to Nature solutions to human problems.

Drawing on the brilliance of nature's design, our innovation in CELLULAR EXTRACTION™ harnesses and releases nature's evolved strategies to create and store powerful phyto-compounds within the cells of any botanical species.

"Our vision was to develop a range that truly delivers the power of nature, and is unique, innovative, organic, marketable, eco-sustainable and supports community development and Indigenous enterprise – this is NATIVE EXTRACTS." 
-Lisa Carroll,
Innovator and Director

NATIVE EXTRACTS delivers a comprehensive phyto-compound profile of any botanical species, releasing the widest range of natural molecules in their synergistic relationships, as they exist in nature. CELLULAR EXTRACTION™ has redefined what can be achieved with a natural ingredient and on formulation design.

NATIVE EXTRACTS is driven to break new ground in the botanical extract industry with new science, new research, a new palette for formulators, and the introduction of new botanical sources. We've developed a far superior extraction process that delivers phyto-compounds unachievable through traditional methods. We've engaged independent scientific government laboratories so you know exactly what's in them so you can research how they translate into new innovative products for the consumer markets that demand solutions from nature. We access untapped reservoirs of compounds from pristine mega-diverse ecosystems.

NOW the Botanical Extract industry leaves a past plagued with anecdotal misrepresentation, synthetic standardisation, limited scientific verification and destructive extraction processes that were unable to harness active natural molecules. NATIVE EXTRACTS promotes transparency and independent analysis, giving formulators the knowledge and tools vital to make informed decisions on why they choose an extract and how it will meet their target performance brief. NATIVE EXTRACTS has taken the botanical extract industry from "coloured water" and standardisation back to nature.





Since 2012, we've evolved the botanical extract and continue to further our vision, researching and discovering nature's brilliant solutions for human health and wellness. Our mission is to ...

To Evolve the botanical extract industry, re-educate and challenge inferior extraction methods to achieve advanced natural ingredients that deliver superior outcomes and products for our customers, their clients and the planet.

To Drive Innovation and new technologies, setting new benchmarks in ‘True to Nature’ botanical ingredients for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food/beverage applications.

To Grow our unprecedented water-soluble phyto-compound library that has set new industry standards for plant profiles of Australian natives and traditional botanicals.

To Offer an unrivaled level of customer service, brand collaboration, and a broad product offering. Enhance our clients’ new-to-market strategies, leveraging unique points of difference to expand their growth. Support our suppliers and the growth of a solid, inclusive and eco-sustainable primary industry based on our native species.

To Support the growth of our Primary Industries and improve Indigenous inclusion in the supply chain and beyond.

To Facilitate and expand on our mentor program framework supporting emerging Indigenous entrepreneurs and skincare brands.

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