NATIVE EXTRACTS supports First Nations brand DIRAMU Skincare at Supply Nation Connect 2023

Walking & Working Together: NATIVE EXTRACTS supports First Nations brand DIRAMU Skincare at Supply Nation Connect 2023 

NATIVE EXTRACTS recently attended Supply Nation’s Connect 2023 Conference in support of one of its clients First Nations start up DIRAMU Skincare by Dominic Smith.

Dominic Smith is also founder of Pundi Produce , has for many years been a supplier to NATIVE EXTRACTS of a range of Australian native plants including his signature Native River Mint raw plants, which forms part of our core Cellular Extraction range. Dominic is also leading the way in eco-conscious growing with innovations in aquaponics that save approx. 1000% water compared to dry cropping athe same botanical, and other drought resilient practices.

Lisa Carroll from NATIVE EXTRACTS has supported Dominic as he makes the transition from grower to finished product/skincare brand owner as he seeks to diversify his revenue stream to support job creation and programs that create positive impact on the ground for Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people living in the remote community of Monash, Riverlands Region, in SA.

We need to amplify the value of plants and particular the Australian Native Species, beyond the Bushfood industry, reaching new markets and creating new demand will build our primary industry. “The more demand, the more plants we grow & harvest, the more income we generate, the more jobs we create giving our young people the chance to live and work together and stay on Country, sustaining an income and generate wealth and knowledge for stronger regional economies that support the land.” Dominic Smith of Pundi Produce & DIRAMU Skincare said.

Connect is Supply Nation’s annual flagship event that brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, corporate organisation and government departments to foster new business opportunities and celebrate the success of the sector. 

The one-day event connected Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses with motivated buyers at the Indigenous Business Tradeshow and celebrated the Supplier Diversity Award finalists and winners at the Gala Awards Dinner. “It was exciting to see so many thriving and strong First Nation businesses across so many industry sectors. We hope to see more First Nation skincare brands bring their stories and influence to the A(ustralian)-Beauty Trend”, says Lisa Carroll, CEO NATIVE EXTRACTS.

Supply Nation’s CEO at the time, Michelle Deshong, said “this year’s event represents an important opportunity to celebrate the continued growth and success of the Indigenous business sector, especially against the backdrop of the global pandemic and an increased visibility of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs more broadly.”

NATIVE EXTRACTS has been working on raising the inclusion in our own growers network to address the First Nations underrepresentation in the supply chain of the Australian native and non-native botanical primary industry where they represent less 2% (1.7%) of the supply chain. There is much work to be done across the industry.

“We work incredibly hard to connect our clients who are looking for genuine ways to create positive impact. We have identified the problem of underrepresentation and the barriers over a decade ago, and will continue to champion solutions of First Nations inclusion in the primary industry by continuing to build on our connections to expand growers in our supply chain. As an intermediatory in the process form growers to ingredient manufacturers to brands to consumers, we identify that we have a responsibility to leverage and collaborate with our ethical and aligned partners to build relationships to create transparent connections between our clients and our First Nations Growers network for positive change on the ground.  Our business believes to have real world impact we need to walk and work together to create sustained long-term solutions that generate wealth for the land and rural economies.” Lisa Carroll CEO of NATIVE EXTRACTS said.

This is one of several initiatives where NATIVE EXTRACTS has been the conduit for creating the change where it’s needed on the ground in rural communities. 

In October 2022, Lisa Carroll & NATIVE EXTRACTS launched an Accelerator Mentee Experience an industry immersion program for 4 aspiring skincare brand entrepreneurs. During the 4 day accelerator program mentees where coached by industry expert Lisa Carroll on branding, packaging, product development, product trials, stability testing and more.

Mentee Stacey proud Ngarrindjeri mimini (women) went on to launch her own skincare e-commerce business Cutch.

“Having a skincare product allows my culture to shine in its greatness. In Aboriginal culture we have always used the skin for identification, celebration, and healing with natural remedies. CUTCH is also an avenue and platform for my culture to stay relevant and raise awareness." Stacey founder of Cutch says on her website.

This year NATIVE EXTRACTS worked with Colgate-Palmolive’s Skin Food range launch, again connecting the brand to 3 First Nations growers in a continued effort to raise the inclusion of First Nations growers in the supply chain.

“This collaboration culminated into a decade long work in the field of Cellular Extraction phyto-technology innovation and a continued commitment to identify and contribute to the solutions for not just human skin problems, but humanity too. This is the very start of the journey and as we look towards the next 10 years, I’m confident the change we need will be faster than the last decade of progress.” Said CEO Lisa Carroll.

NATIVE EXTRACTS are always looking for right fit brand and grower partners who are at the start of their journey or who have been in business for years, as long as businesses share our outlook for redefining business as a force for good and inclusion, we want to work with them. Contact Us.