Pioneering Cellular Extraction: The Future of ingredients is Green Science

NATIVE EXTRACTS first pioneered the application of green technologies in 2013, and continue for the recovery of valuable compounds from plants. Taking ingredient manufacturing to a new level. 

At NATIVE EXTRACTS, our journey began in 2013 with a groundbreaking vision; to pioneer innovative extraction protocols. NATIVE EXTRACTS Innovator Lisa Carroll's vision was to simply offer what she called a True to Nature extract – delivering a species water soluble phyto-compounds, and being able to show it.   

Since our early days her and her technical team has taken this concept to new heights of green science. We are the original architects & founders of Cellular Extraction, we established the name and category, a testament to our ongoing commitment to expanding the boundaries of plant science.  

Our philosophy is simple yet profound – we have evolved botanical extractions and continue to revolutionise the way valuable compounds are recovered from biological sources. Over a decade ago, we moved away from traditional extraction methods for our own Green Science protocols and new technologies that offer solutions to eco-responsible production challenges, moving away from excessive biomass requirements, energy and extraction efficiencies, reducing the high costs, and inefficiencies of old processes. We also have been able to build rapid scalability without losing integirty of natural molecules. 

"At NATIVE EXTRACTS we have always believed in the pursuit of green science for more responsible ingredient solutions, and this extends to our approach towards recovering valuable compounds from biological sources.  

Traditional methods often require large volumes of biomass for plant extraction which can be unsustainable, and limits opportunities for emerging botanicals to enter markets not yet available in annual tonnage, may be costly, and outdated in terms of efficiencies in harnessing natural compounds.  

Green science approaches for generating plant extracts eliminates the use of hazardous substances that are not environmentally friendly, can reduces the volume of biomass, significantly reduces energy consumption and waste by products, along wth opportunities to repurpose the waste. 

We believe approaches like this can contribute towards a circular economy and promote a healthy food and agricultural ecosystem for future generations. This philosophy underpins our Cellular Extraction protocols, inclusive sourcing, responsible commercialisation strategies, and guides our decision on all R&D and new technologies we create or leverage."  Says Dr. Joseph Nastasi NATIVE EXTRACT Lead Laboratory Technician. 

In today's market, the consumer's expectations have evolved. Being "natural" is no longer sufficient; there is a growing demand for ingredients that are responsibly sourced, with clear traceability and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. And brands need to be able to confidently talk to it, and consumers demand to know about it. 

A staggering 86% (The Upcycled Beauty Company Zero Waste Beauty Report 2022-2023) of consumers expect manufacturers to create products that positively impact both people and the planet. In response, NATIVE EXTRACTS has continued to lead the market with a range of eco-conscious manufacturing practices, and R&D into new biomaterials, and deliver formats for new green science ingredient categories. 

In the pursuit of sustainability, we know it is a complex problem, and we can’t be the solution to all layers of it. However, we do believe as a business we have the responsibility it looks at our own operations and ingredient design practices to make better sustainable and responsible decisions. We acknowledge it is a work in progress and a vision that is of continual improvement, but have made huge gains in this pursuit already, and understand the importance it has to innovative brands and formulating chemists that share this philosophy – solutions better for our people and the planet. 

Some of our Eco-Conscious Manufacturing practices include: 

  • Reduced bio mass - Our innovation in Cellular Extraction™ uses significantly less plant matter/biomass. 
  • Transparent sourcing of raw materials - carefully wild-harvested or commercially grown botanicals 
  • Water wise - Rain-harvested, filtered, and deionised water to highest standards, saving the public supply. 
  • Minimal and responsible waste management: By-products are biodegradable, repurposed and/or composted. Can cosmetics save the food waste?  
  • Partnerships with First Nations growers to improve Indigenous inclusion in the supply chain.  
  • Energy efficient - rapid processes reduce our impact on the environment. Solar panels are installed reducing our energy consumption by over 50%. This is part of our ongoing commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing. 

We understand the importance of strong backstories in creating a deep, meaningful connection between consumers and our ingredients. Our commitment to this narrative has led us to innovate continuously, evidenced by our role as the first certified palm oil-free extract manufacturer. This achievement not only marks a milestone in our journey but also sets a benchmark for ethical and eco-conscious manufacturing across the globe. 

Our evolution over the past decade reflects our passion for innovation, science, and ethical practices. As we celebrate our achievements and look to the future, we remain committed to inspiring others in the industry, proving that it is possible to marry eco-conscious practices with success. Explore our journey and the stories behind our green science practices at, and join us in redefining business as a force for good. 

In addition to our groundbreaking work in green science extraction technologies and eco-conscious manufacturing practices, NATIVE EXTRACTS takes pride in offering a diverse portfolio of high-quality botanical extracts available for sale. Catering to a wide array of industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food and beverage, our extracts embody the essence of nature, natural molecules in their entourage delivered through scientific innovation and ethical sourcing.   

We work closely with brands and manufacturers to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs, offering not just products but a partnership in the pursuit of innovation, transparency, and responsibility.  

By choosing NATIVE EXTRACTS, our clients gain access to a library of unique, plant profiles of high value botanical Cellular Extracts that create new opportunities to communicate their conscious ingredient choices, new plant science and align their products with the growing consumer demand for True to Nature, responsible ingredients. It goes beyond the ingredient. 

Through our passionate sales and customer support team, we ensure an engaged and transparent ingredient discovery and a seamless purchasing experience, from initial inquiry to delivery, underpinning our commitment to excellence, NPD outcomes, customer satisfaction and meeting market demands. 

Explore our range or request our full catalogue of over 400 ingredients.  

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