The New Age Conscious Consumer

Trend Alert – The 3 P’s: People, Product, Planet

We’ve seen beauty fads come and go, but some beauty trends have continued to build momentum, led by a consumer-driven movement for products that better serve people and the planet. Consumer demands have more power than ever before, leading companies to create innovative solutions for more safe, sustainable ingredients, a key element of A-Beauty. New technologies are constantly emerging to achieve greater access to natural molecules. “95% of surveyed gen-z customers indicated they would change their purchase decision if they knew the brand/product did good for people and the planet,” (Afdhel Aziz author Good Is The New Cool). Lisa Carroll, NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Director and Innovator has seen this shift firsthand across all corners of the industry.

“It’s not just marketing like you care, it’s also formulating like you care.  Brands and their consumers are demanding to know more than ever, and it is a huge challenge for product development,” says Lisa.

The New Age Conscious Consumer

2020 brings greater focus on deciphering ingredient lists with safer and more natural options, connecting people and communities with growers and manufacturers at the beginning of ingredient development, returning to ancient plant wisdom, sustainable farming and packaging, reducing carbon footprint, positive active aging, inclusion, connecting skin and gut health, researching natural systems like the skin’s microbiome, or a species’ unique phyto-compound entourage and more.

“It is a new frontier that is kinder, inclusive, responsible and honest,” says Lisa Carroll.


Social Media Puts Consumers in the Driver Seat

Consumer demands are leading Beauty Industry trends at an unprecedented rate. The rise of social media has created a communication platform that puts clients closer to brands than ever before. Skincare solutions are influenced by more than performance, and now must also talk to consumers’ lifestyle and values like veganism, sustainable sourcing, reduced carbon footprint and recyclable packaging.

Previously invisible or poorly represented consumer segments are using this channel to raise their voice and demand brands to talk to them in their language and on their terms. For example, women and men over 60, transgender, and gender-neutral consumers are requiring more inclusion, which is changing brands’ strategies and opening up new market opportunities. This has been a decade of escalated ingredient scrutiny. Education, greater access to information and exposure to misinformation is transforming the skincare industry to be more transparent, ethical, educational, accountable and collaborative.


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