About Native Extracts


With a strong focus on continual improvement in process efficiencies for better solutions for people and planet : water, energy, waste and biomass efficient, supporting growth of new primary industries with greater inclusion and Indigenous engagement in the supply chain, sharing new knowledge of species’ profiles, and connecting brands with growers is just a part of our driver for socially and environmentally responsible impacts. Our Hydrophilic Cellular Extract range is created using rain-harvested water (purified, deionised), saving the public supply approx. 1000L/day. Significant reductions in biomass creates greater windows for responsible scaling/commercialising crops and reduces risk of over harvesting a species.

Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation, WAWe are committed to corporate and social responsibility, positive environmental practices, undertaking initiatives to support the development of new primary industry markets and the empowerment of growers and indigenous communities.

The benefits of working with the manufacturer/supplier of the most advanced NATIVE EXTRACTS (Australian and Traditional)

  • Affordable pricing structure across flexible concentration options;
  • Working with you on your supply forecasts;
  • Manufacture to order means your product is as fresh as possible;
  • More formulation options with new sources of raw material.