Brilliance of Nature Translated by Retreatment Botanics

Have you seen or tried Olivia Newton-John's skin care range, the multi award winning Retreatment Botanics?

Did you know it's powered with our Cellular Extraction process? We use a rapid, cold process extraction method under fluctuating cycles of pressure to transfer the natural water-soluble compounds across the cell membrane, suspended in a liquid extractant medium.     

Trudi Jaye, Retreat Botanics’ GM says, “Powering our formulas with potent extracts derived from the Cellular Extraction process ensures our products are enriched with the highest-efficacy actives that deliver instantly visible results to the skin. We’re so passionate about this exciting innovation in skin science.“

Our innovation means brands can formulate with plant profiles of phyto-compounds and their derivatives, natural molecules as they are found in the cells of fruit, leaves, wood, flowers, or fungi. We continue to evolve plant extracts to give you True to Nature ingredients – our experienced technical team understands multiple extraction methodologies as well as a decade of analytical research in Australia’s leading university research laboratories -we know how to harness the natural molecules – nature does the formulation! We give you what nature has to offer!


No tricks. Just nature!!

"Retreatment Botanics is a brilliant example of an extensive range that showcases not only a wide variety of exciting Australian native species, but Australian ingredients that champion innovation in harnessing natural compounds as well as conscious manufacturing practices.

This project has been very close to my heart, as we collaborated closely with Olivia's team headed up by Trudi Jaye, who is an absolute perfectionist and won't compromise on quality," says Lisa Carroll, Director and Innovator at NATIVE EXTRACTS.


Discover how the brilliance of nature is so beautifully translated in their formulations. Try the "True to Nature" difference in Retreatment Botanics products. 


Contact us, the innovators of Cellular Extraction, to learn more about harnessing nature in your range.