NATIVE EXTRACTS’ First Nation Growers are Palmolive’s Skin Food Ingredient Heroes

Palmolive has teamed up with Australian native ingredient manufacturing leaders, NATIVE EXTRACTS, to create their hyper-nourishing body wash range called Palmolive Skin Food. During product development, NATIVE EXTRACTS highlighted the underrepresentation of First Nations growers in Australia's native botanical industry.

In response, Palmolive’s “We, Not Me” campaign raises awareness of the lack of Indigenous representation, and celebrates the First Nation growers creating change & connecting consumers to Country.

The potential for change was palpable when Palmolive first approached NATIVE EXTRACTS about sourcing Australian native plant extracts for their Skin Food body wash range.

Lisa Carroll, Director of NATIVE EXTRACTS, explained, "as a company, we believe in traceability and storytelling as a means for consumers to support the growth of the Australian native plant primary industry, and to uplift First Nations growers in the supply chain. Partnering with a leading global brand like Palmolive provides a powerful platform for our First Nations growers to tell their stories, and we are honoured to be the conduit that connects consumers to the supply chain and directly to the growers."

Carroll stated, “that the initiation of this partnership marks the pinnacle of a purposeful investment strategy spanning over a decade, with the objective of creating a dependable provision of Australian native ingredients through NATIVE EXTRACTS network of First Nations growers.”

Indigenous Australians currently have less than 2% engagement in the native foods agricultural sector, and consumer demand continues to rise for more native botanical products, presenting an opportunity to raise Indigenous inclusion and improve socio-economic opportunities along the way. This partnership between NATIVE EXTRACTS and Palmolive has created a supply with purpose, to celebrate First Nation growers and the conscious commercialisation of Australia’s special species.

Kate Johnson, Senior Brand Manager at Palmolive, said, "we’re excited to partner with NATIVE EXTRACTS. By consciously sourcing our native extracts from First Nations growers and suppliers, we’re able to support and promote the rich cultural heritage of these communities.”


Lisa Carroll, NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Director, knew that she wasn’t just helping Palmolive find their next hero ingredients, moreover, “I knew that connecting them to the growers would have an exponential impact – for supporting the growers themselves, for showing the opportunity for more First Nation engagement in the Primary Industry and for involving consumers in their ingredient’s story.”

Judging Beauty By the Cover

-Palmolive took this campaign and their commitment to transparency to the next level featuring a QR code call out to “Meet the Growers” on their label, in addition to NATIVE EXTRACTS’ own logo.

This is not just big for us at NATIVE EXTRACTS, but for the beauty industry at large. One of the most prevalent personal care brands globally, with Palmolive products in more than 50% of Australian homes (IRI Shopperview Data, 2023) , is setting a new standard by including their supply chain, growers and ingredient manufacturers in their backstory!NATIVE EXTRACTS Palmolive Skin Food

Ingredient manufacturers don’t typically get featured on a brand's packaging, and with this, we are setting precedents.

Carroll shares why more and more brands are coming to NATIVE EXTRACTS for these authentic, trusted supply chain connections,

“we go above and beyond to help our customers, partners and growers, and today marks an important positive change in amplifying First Nation inclusion in the supply chain, because it is important to NATIVE EXTRACTS, and we are determined to help brands raise awareness, for positive impact and change on the ground. It’s because we’ve been working towards building more inclusive First Nations supply chains into our growers network over the last 10 years. There have been barriers to access and we have a long way to go, but we are seeing brands responding to consumer demand for transparency and change, reaching out to us to help them create true connections to the growers of their botanical heroes. Shoppers are demanding to know where their ingredients come from, and with our gold standard manufacturing processes we are able to guarantee this supply from grower to bottle. The QA recognition of our logo appearing on the Palmolive Skin Food packaging means shoppers can connect with the grower. This builds trust in the supply chain, and amplifies powerful impact through the system.”

We all have responsibility for our choices, and giving consumers better choices for inclusion, delivering new stories and new connections is positive change.

Join us in Raising Inclusion and Creating Opportunities for Supporting First Nation Growers and Growing Australia’s Primary Industry.

A Talented Creative Team to Amplify The Story

Palmolive brought this story to life through a series of videos on the growers, curated by an incredible team of First Nation creatives – Cornel Ozies (Director), Tristan Barton (Music Composer) and Miranda Tapsell (Award Winning Actor)

Recognising Growers – Meet the True Heroes Behind Skin Food’s Hero Ingredients

Bringing the growers’ stories to the foreground of a consumer product brings new perspectives to the products we use daily. From NATIVE EXTRACTS network, hear from the 3 First Nation growers behind Palmolive Skin Food’s campaign and their unique stories.


Palmolive’s “We not me” campaign includes a content series where we meet some of Australia’s First Nations native food growers. These stories will be broadcast on NITV. There is also a consumer marketing ad featuring First Nations actor and skin food enthusiast Miranda Tapsell.

“We, Not Me.” Learn more on Palmolive’s page and in their videos below.