Nexba Takes Seltzers to the Next Level


There’s nothing better than seeing our True to Nature extracts transformed into beautiful products. And this time, we are so excited to see them hit the drinks market courtesy of the amazing people at NEXBA.

Experience the exciting range of NATIVE-inspired, Non-alcoholic Seltzers in Woolworths and online at Beautifully crafted with Australian native botanicals balanced with traditional herbs for pure enjoyment without the hard stuff! Perfect for refreshing summer sessions or adding some bubbles to your next festive occasion!

We've tried them, and love what you have created, NEXBA!!! An uplifting fizzy sip that is natural and sugar free! Featuring our Rosella Blossom, Finger Lime, Tasmanian Pepper Berry, Kakadu Plum, Basil, Pink Grapefruit and Strawberry Cellular Extracts. 



The non-alcoholic beverage sector is exploding and including more and more Australian native ingredients, driving growth of our primary industry, along with our ingestible, food grade Cellular Extracts and nutrient dense essenXcesTM. Offering natural sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and other valuable nutrients, our food grade facility introduces new opportunities for our clients wanting to expand into ingestible products.

Our Cellular Extracts and essenXcesTM (nutrient dense liquids) are currently in various NPD trials for ingestible shots, wellness drinks featuring natural antioxidants, alert boosters, recovery drinks, beauty ingestibles and more! With more exciting NPD underway in the beverage sector, we and our growers are scaling to support the growth of this expanding market.



NATIVE EXTRACTS is more than topical ingredients, we supply an extensive range of traceable and transparent botanical extracts and essenXces TM  to wellness-inspired markets, that bring beverages a bit closer to the source. We are passionate about manufacturing extracts that deliver species' synergistic water-soluble compounds, and thus we strive to source our botanicals from their native region, requiring less or no synthetic amendments on the farm. From there, we use rain-harvested water and energy- and biomass-efficient extraction methods that have less impact on our environment ... meaning health-forward products' benefits go beyond the individual. 



Contact us if you’re a brand or grower looking to break into the drinks space and we can help bring natural, plant-based ingredients to your products!


We can't recommend these refreshing seltzers enough!
Check them out HERE

And follow Nexba for more exciting releases...

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