World-First Queen Garnet Extract + Essence

NATIVE EXTRACTS and Nutrafruit Partner to Deliver Two New Formats of the Australian Super Fruit for Health, Wellness and Beauty Industries

Alstonville, New South Wales (7th August, 2021) - Continuing to revolutionise what plant extracts harness from nature, NATIVE EXTRACTS delivers two innovative extracts supercharged with phyto-compounds. Through the collective expertise of NATIVE’s technical team, their partnership with Nutrafruit (the fruit’s license holder), and the bio-actives within the royal Queen Garnet, these two new ingredients are set to take the throne in cosmetics, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries:

  1. TOPICAL format: NE Concentrated Queen Garnet Cellular Extract Advanced Cellular Extracts harnessing the water-soluble phyto-compound profile and the derivatives: the hydrophilic entourage.

  2. INGESTIBLE format: ESS Queen Garnet 4:1 Liquid ESSENXCE
    Employing complex extraction protocols designed by the NATIVE Nutraceutical team to release new levels of nutrients through highly concentrated, solvent- removed, liquid ESSENCES.

Once only available as an edible fruit in short seasons, Nutrafruit chose NATIVE EXTRACTS as R&D partners to commercialize and extend this unique, high value fruit’s availability to new markets. Luke Couch, CEO of Nutrafruit comments, “Nutrafruit chose NATIVE to commercialise the Queen Garnet extracts (INCI: Prunus salicina Fruit Extract) because of their pioneering science, research & unparalleled expertise in creating products for a full spectrum of potential uses."

Lisa Carroll, Managing Director at Native Extracts, explains how NATIVE explored multiple protocols, advanced their Cellular Extraction process, and incorporated new technologies to deliver a new understanding of Queen Garnet’s plant profile with breakthrough concentration ratios, “Through the trialing process of R&D design, testing 6 different protocols across multiple extraction processes and extractant mediums, rigorous inhouse analysis, and collaborating with multiple university laboratories; we narrowed the first phase of commercialisation to two variants specific to topical and ingestible applications, and have further concepts to leverage the fruits potential in the future.



Active mists, moisturisers, peels


Face/Body clays, muds, scrubs


Face/Body moisturisers

Blemish care

Day, night creams, lotions

Collagen + elastin support

Eye area, serums, cream masks

Dark pigmented areas

Face masks, scrubs, hyperpigmentation creams


Hair, scalp products + treatments

Fine lines + wrinkles

Quercetin source scalp serums

Hair : growth + Nourish

Hyperpigmentation creams


Men, Teenage

Inflammation reduction

Pro-aging ranges


Sun care, after sun

Reactive skin conditions

Active mists

Queen Garnet was cultivated by Australian scientists, resulting in a powerhouse of bioactive compounds. Due to longer "hang time" on the tree, it produces more antioxidants than the average fruit. Protected by global plant breeding rights and listed on the TGA, this plum packs the anthocyanin punch!

NATIVE EXTRACTS’ advances in Cellular Extraction deliver a species’ water-soluble phyto-compounds, its water-soluble entourage. The natural molecules are transferred from the cell and suspended in a liquid medium to incorporate in finished product formulations. NATIVE’s Queen Garnet extracts are packed with phyto-compounds, including Anthocyanins - Cyanidin 3 Glycoside, Chlorogenic Acid, Rutin, Epicatechin, Quercetin, and more. Its unprecedented levels of Anthocyanin are indicated by its deep red + purple pigment, and it is proven by university research laboratories' qualitative and quantitative analysis. Anthocyanin is known to have Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, Antidiabetic, Anticancer, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-obesity effects.

The Queen Garnet Cellular Extract is an exciting consideration for topical applications given it offers both anthocyanin and quercetin in its entourage, and there is a growing body of research that supports there are significant reasons to explore this combination, according to NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Senior Biotechnology and Nutrition Specialist, Dr Evan Stephens (B.Biotech, B.Sc(Hons), PhD).

Dr Stephens explains why, “The cyanidin and quercetin-based flavonoids present in extracts of the Queen Garnet may have powerful benefits in skin health. Back in the 1990s researchers at the UMDS-Guy’s Hospital in London and the University of London reported from their work that cyanidin and quercetin can have up to four times the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C or vitamin E. Furthermore, these flavonoids and their glycosides have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Whilst exerting their strong antioxidant effects can support metabolism in the mitochondria where much of the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are generated, they can also more broadly influence mitochondrial function and even mitochondrial biogenesis (developing new mitochondria). A lot of our aging related decline in metabolism is correlated with reducing levels of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) as we age, and both cyanidin and quercetin have shown potential for restoring our NAD back to youthful levels. This occurs through the inhibition of enzymes that break down NAD (NADases), which highlights the potential for pairing these flavonoids with common dermatological ingredient nicotinamide (vitamin B3). In the past decade and especially recently there have been numerous studies that show that these flavonoids do permeate the stratum corneum and can achieve adequate levels in the epidermis and the dermis of the skin, satisfying the kinetic parameters of release from topical emulsions and penetration into the metabolically active layers of the skin.”

As the market for inner beauty and nutraceuticals explodes with new takes on functional foods, preliminary research shows the plum has incredible results for weight loss, heart care, antioxidants, and more. Dr Stephens highlights the importance of flavonoids for human diet and metabolism and the potential for the Queen Garnet Essence in ingestible applications, From the tens of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the health benefits of specific flavonoids, there is a substantial body of evidence that these important plant nutrients may also play a role in addressing diabetes, and it is more recently recognised that they may facilitate improved health outcomes in the progression of diseases related to aging. A lot of our aging-related diseases are correlated with reducing levels of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). One of the ways that these flavonoids are useful here is that they support NAD+/NADH metabolism, which declines with age and is central to our regeneration/repair processes. There are other benefits, but this is the most relevant one in this context. Some of these flavonoids are currently in clinical trials based on their therapeutic potential. This includes quercetin and quercetin derivatives; however, other flavonoids like cyanidins are rapidly gaining traction in the nutrition science field and are likely to see similar clinical trials in the next decade. Quercetin is one of the most studied flavonoids in its potential for rejuvenating our metabolism, but some recent studies suggest that cyanidins may potentially have up to 5-fold greater benefit for supporting healthy metabolism as we age.”

Rooted in NATIVE’s mission to develop new ingredients and define new markets for unique species, these two extracts have not only extended Queen Garnet’s shelf-life, but expanded its value across numerous markets. “It’s already in trials for skincare applications and moving to hair, scalp and oral care projects next,” comments Carroll.


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Founded in 2012, NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd are pioneering leaders in delivering True to Nature phyto-compound profiles from unique, powerful botanical sources, including breakthroughs in harnessing the natural Vitamin C molecule with stability over 24 months. While offering an extensive hydrophilic Cellular Extract range, they continue to expand their oil-soluble range of unique native seed oils and infusions, and recently announced their nutraceutical range of world-first Plant Essences nutrient dense, highly concentrated liquids for ingestion and health-span applications. Based in the Northern Rivers Hinterland region of Australia with a global distribution network, NATIVE operates a conscious manufacturing facility that minimizes energy and water consumption and waste for traceable, transparent, and True to Nature molecules for natural solutions. Backed by rigorous standards of quality control and certified ISO9001:2015, Food Grade and Organic Certified, NATIVE is the industry choice for ingredient commercialization, custom projects and continuous R&D for the Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries.


Established in 2010, Queensland-based Nutrafruit holds the global licence to manage the production, marketing and processing of a range of stonefruit varieties including the specialty Queen Garnet - the antioxidant plum.