India Goes "NATIVE"

United Descaler Introduces NEW Australian Super Botanicals: NEW True-to-Nature Cellular Plant Extracts.

Alstonville, New South Wales, Australia 14th April, 2022 NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd (NE), the leading Australian biotech innovator and iconic natural ingredient manufacturer behind Cellular ExtractionTM, announces plans to bring its highly regarded range of hydrophilic “True to Natureextracts (a species’ natural molecules their water-soluble blueprint) to India. NE first announced they would evolve the botanical extract market in 2013, introducing a new extraction process that could harness plants’ water- soluble molecules and their unique plant profile, validated by university Plant Science Laboratories. Expanding knowledge and botanical possibilities, NE has helped drive the Cosmetic Industry’s innovation with greater access to natural ingredients and new collections to contribute to the A-Beauty trend.

In direct response to an explosion in demand from Indian brands for NE’s unique natural ingredients, Innovator and CEO of NE, Lisa Carroll says, India is an important part of our global expansion, with its heritage of plant extracts and tinctures, there is a strong connection to botanicals as solutions, and a great respect for working with natural compounds there is a strong movement away from synthetic standardized, purified and isolated ingredient formats. We continue to build our international distributor networks, and plan to have regional hubs operating our range of extraction protocols.

Partnering with United Descaler Pvt Ltd (UD), the prominent India-based ingredient distributor, NE is introducing India’s personal care market to new exciting plant profiles - natural compounds of exotic and True to Naturetraditional botanical extracts for new formulations and new brand stories.

UD is offering an extensive library of unique botanical ingredients from Australia, along with a new renditions of popular botanicals. Brands wanting ingredients that deliver plantswater-soluble molecules now have a new natural toolkit to develop with. UD has been devoted to supplying extraordinary natural ingredients since its inception in 1975 and chose to partner with NE based on their shared commitment to revolutionary, quality natural molecules, in addition to NE’s rigorous quality and certification standards, and their fundamental ethos to supply low eco-impact, consciously manufactured, superior ingredients that are rooted in transparency, traceability and inclusion.

UD’s Managing Director, Mohit Khosla, is enthusiastic for the partnership, “which expands UD’s offering to more exotic varieties that are effective and pure. Not only will this new range of Cellular Extracts meet India’s growing demand for plant-based ingredients, but has impacts beyond our industry, benefitting our own eco-footprint and the environment. This range brings a new level of value and recognition to the existing UD portfolio and to all our customers’ formulations.

WHAT ARE CELLULAR EXTRACTS? | Delivering the First Natural Vitamin C in 2013

Cellular Extracts are an eco-conscious alternative to traditional plant extracts, consciously manufactured, delivering plants’ water-soluble phyto-compounds in their entourage - a breakthrough NE first announced in 2013, revealing the ability to harness the highly unstable natural Vitamin C molecule (aka biological ascorbic acid) in an aqueous solution for extended periods through the NE Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract. The only byproduct of NE’s Cellular extraction processes is exhausted plant matter, which is composted. This extraction protocol is energy-efficient (cold process, high pressure and rapid) and biomass-efficient (preventing over-harvesting of a species), and uses rain-harvested water, conserving approximately 1000L/day!

NE’s CEO, Lisa Carroll, is excited to share this new pallet of tools with India’s formulators and brands, We have had huge interest from Indian brands and their contract manufacturers as we share the value of harnessing the power of nature and move away from typical, synthetic standardised extracts. We don’t isolate compounds, but value full plant profiles, delivering multiple phyto-compounds in a single extract - the water-soluble entourage of a botanical species. Consumers are wanting greater transparency, traceability and simplified ingredient lists. We look to emerging technologies around high-value compounds in their entourage as new natural solutions. We are entering an exciting decade of global research on natural molecules and their botanical sources. It is an exciting discovery period that will contribute to new commercialization opportunities for growers and opportunities for brands to collaborate with them at the source. We’re dedicated to connecting growers and brands and advancing technologies to harness the brilliance of nature’s design, which is why we are sought out by distributors like UD, as well as growers who want to design new delivery formats of their crops and collaborate on large-scale custom projects.



In 2013, NE launched an unprecedented library of Australian native plant extracts supported with new discoveries of their phyto-compound profiles, and continues to expand their range and knowledge. This library of extracts created new opportunities for brands to back their ranges with an Australian ingredient story, creating the A-Beauty category (Australian Beauty). This global trend is recognized for more than the botanicals, it embodies working with nature, conscious and planet-thoughtful manufacturing, mission- driven products that are platforms for grower inclusion.

In addition to hydrophilic Cellular Extracts, NE has created an oil-soluble range unseen in India, including unique oil infusions such as Wattleseed infusion, Rosella infusion, Native Snowflower infusion, the original Kakadu Plum Seed Oil infusion, and the new Sunshine Gold (pineapple) infusion. NE’s team has an extensive range of expertise in botanical extraction processes and recently launched two world-firsts: an Australian blue essential oil - Rainforest Blue, and is expanding into the food & bev and ingestibles space. NE now offers a new Nutraceutical range of breakthrough, nutrient-dense liquids the NATIVE EssenXces.

UD is launching their NATIVE EXTRACTS range with a variety of options – water or oil soluble, traditional, exotic botanicals or native Australian species, various concentrations or highly concentrated EssenXces for ingestible formulations. Mohit says he has chosen a diverse selection, since “we are introducing over eight years of NE’s analytical research and new True-to-Nature profiles of botanicals. By leveraging NE’s conscious manufacturing practices, we will offer numerous opportunities for first-to-market formulations, or to refresh existing ranges with better natural ingredient alternatives with sound connections to source for numerous categories (i.e. skin, hair, ingestibles, etc).”


Named as one of Australia’s key players in the Plant Extracts Market1, NE launched their global distributor acquisition in 2021 to meet the explosion in demand for clean, plant-based ingredients, and growing recognition of their ingredients. Through a strategic network of distributors, NE’s range of Cellular Extracts, unique Seed Oils and Infusions, new essential oils, and the new nutrient dense liquids (NATIVE EssenXces) will offer new combinations of phyto-compounds for cosmetics, nutraceuticals, supplements and phyto- wellness concepts, which are forecasted to take the largest share of the extracts market over the next five years.

Lisa Carroll continues, These partnerships are more than an extension of NATIVE, but two-way collaborations that allow us to gain greater understanding of a region’s unique needs and objectives so we can best support their clients and further brands’ formulations. We not only provide clean and eco- conscious ingredients, but also consult on creating new natural solutions for the health, wellness and beauty industries. Working with experts around the world, NATIVE continues to expand our R&D on extraction technologies and methodologies, including a new technology in development to deliver nutrients of unique species. Our collaboration with our distribution partners allows us to create new ranges specific to their region and we have something very exciting we are working on for India! United Descaler is a good fit for us, as they value innovation, service and quality as much as we do.

Mohit Khosla looks forward to seeing what brands will accomplish with this new range. He continues, This lineup of extracts will not only make it easier for UD to offer pure and natural plant-based extracts, but will also allow us to set a better example for the rest of India’s Beauty industry, and be a knowledge base for brands who are wanting to better understand the benefits of plant-based extracts, not just to improve their products, but also to better the planet and people.”


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Founded in 2012, NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd (NE) are pioneering leaders in delivering True to Nature phyto- compound profiles from unique, powerful botanical sources, including breakthroughs in harnessing the natural Vitamin C molecule in an aqueous format with stability over 24 months. While offering an extensive hydrophilic Cellular Extract range, they continue to expand their oil-soluble range of unique native seed oils and infusions. They introduced a world-first blue essential oil, Rainforest Blue, and recently announced their nutraceutical range of world-first Plant EssenXces nutrient-dense, highly concentrated liquids for ingestion and health-span applications. Based in the Northern Rivers Hinterland region on the Australian east coast with a growing global distribution network, NE operates a conscious manufacturing facility that minimizes energy consumption and waste for traceable, transparent, and True to Nature molecules for natural solutions. Backed by rigorous standards of quality control and certified ISO9001:2015, Food Grade and Organic Certified, NE is evolving as an Australian Biotech company, and the industry choice for ingredient commercialization, custom projects and continuous R&D for the Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries, and collaborations with highly regarded research institutions.




United Descaler Pvt. Ltd. (UD) and its principles, together form a diversified and unique organization. UD was established in 1975 to meet the increasing demand for natural and sustainable personal care ingredients, with a simple, yet noteworthy vision, to be a source of new and innovative raw materials based on natural sources. UD is one of India’s largest and prominent distributors and suppliers of high-quality, specialty and rare chemical products for personal care segments - hair care, skin care, baby care, color cosmetics, and many others. UD works as a center for distributing and supplying innovative ingredients across Indian cities to bridge the gaps by supplying good quality international products to the Indian market.