World-First Queen Garnet Plum Extract + EssenXce

2 NEW Ways to Access the Australian SUPER Fruit

Continuing to revolutionise what our plant extracts can harness from nature, we are excited to deliver two world-first extracts supercharged with phyto-compounds! Only through the collective expertise of our technical team, our partners at Nutrafruit, and the miracle bio-actives within this fruit, were we able to achieve these new ingredients.

Without further ado, please welcome our newest, natural, Australian-grown species…her majesty, the royal Queen Garnet.


“Nutrafruit chose NATIVE to commercialise the Queen Garnet extracts because of their pioneering science, research & unparalleled expertise in creating products for a full spectrum of potential uses."                   

-  Luke Couch, CEO, Nutrafruit

Queen Garnet (Prunus salicina) was cultivated by Australian scientists, resulting in a powerhouse of bioactive compounds. Due to longer "hang time" on the tree, it produces more antioxidants than the average fruit. Protected by global plant breeding rights, the fruit is already listed on the TGA and is grown in orchards around Australia.

As a plant extract partner, NATIVE joined forces with Nutrafruit (the license holder), their growers, and universities to develop these unique extracts that are protected by controlled supply and technological innovation for a traceable, transparent, and True to Nature extract. Rooted in our mission, we value-add crops by developing new ingredients and defining new markets for unique species, like the Queen Garnet Plum.


Why are we excited!?! This plum is considered a high source of Anthocyanin! And if that is not enough, it also offers Quercetin among other phyto-compounds of high interest in its profile. The latest in topical and ingestible ingredients of this fruit are here! 

Renowned globally as the darkest plum in the world, it ripens outside–in, which is the reverse to other plums and stays on the tree longer. Once only available as an edible fruit in short seasons, NATIVE EXTRACTS were chosen as R&D partners to commercialize and extend this unique, high value fruit’s availability to new markets. NATIVE explored multiple protocols, advancing our Cellular Extraction process, and incorporated new technologies. Pushing breakthroughs in concentration ratios, we have delivered a new understanding of Queen Garnet’s water-soluble phyto-compounds and derivatives (the entourage). We have extended its shelf-life, and identified target application objectives across Cosmetics, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage sectors – our first phase introduces these two new liquid formats:

1.     TOPICAL format: Concentrated Cellular Extracts - Advanced Cellular Extracts harnessing the water-soluble phyto-compound profile AND the derivatives: the hydrophilic entourage.

2.     INGESTIBLE format: 4:1 Liquid EssenXces - Employing complex extraction protocols designed by the NE Nutraceutical team, we release NEW levels of nutrients through highly concentrated, solvent-removed, liquid Native EssenXces. New breakthroughs in natural anthocyanin and more! Dr. Evan Stephens, Head of NE Nutraceuticals is close to completing a Technical and Scientific Paper which will be up for peer review later in the year. Multiple Australian universities are involved in the testing.


NATIVE’s Queen Garnet extracts are packed with phyto-compounds, including Anthocyanins - Cyanidin 3 Glycoside, Chlorogenic Acid, Rutin, Epicatechin, Quercetin, and more! Its unprecedented levels of Anthocyanin are indicated by its deep red + purple pigment, and it is proven by university research laboratories' qualitative and quantitative analysis (see Southern Cross University Plant Science Analytical Research Laboratory’s LCMS of QGP EssenXce below).

"When we first started working with some of these types of compounds no one believed something as simple as a plum could actually be a medicine.” - Professor Lindsay Brown, University of Southern Queensland (source: ABC NEWS)

In addition to anthocyanins, the flavonoids present in the Queen Garnet extracts are exciting. These specific flavonoids include quercetin and quercetin glycosides (including quercetin-glucoside, quercetin-rutinoside, quercetin-xyloside, quercetin-arabinoside, quercetin-deoxy-glucoside and quercetin-glucuronide).

NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Senior Biotechnology and Nutrition Specialist, Dr Evan Stephens (B.Biotech, B.Sc(Hons), PhD) explains the importance of flavonoids for human diet and metabolism, “Flavonoid-based nutrition science is now an exponentially increasing field of research for improving positive public health outcomes. This is including but not limited to a recent multi-decade clinical trial led by Harvard researchers showing flavonoids play an important role in weight management and a potential response to growing obesity epidemics. Furthermore, from the tens of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the health benefits of specific flavonoids, there is a substantial body of evidence that these important plant nutrients may also play a role in addressing diabetes, and it is more recently recognised that they may facilitate improved health outcomes in the progression of diseases related to aging."

Dr Stephens delves deeper, "A lot of our aging related diseases are correlated with reducing levels of NAD (Nicotinamide Dinucleotide). One of the ways that these flavonoids are useful here is that they support NAD+/NADH metabolism which declines with age and is central to our regeneration/repair processes. There are other benefits, but this is the most relevant one in this context. Some of these flavonoids are currently in clinical trials based on their therapeutic potential. This includes quercetin and quercetin derivatives; however, other flavonoids like cyanidins are rapidly gaining traction in the nutrition science field and are likely to see similar clinical trials in the next decade. Quercetin is one of the most studied flavonoids in its potential for rejuvenating our metabolism, but some recent studies suggest that cyanidins may potentially have up to 5-fold greater benefit for supporting healthy metabolism as we age.” 

New data means new possibilities!


Early trials have already generated global and local interest across sectors, and it will take its place on the global stage. Queen Garnet is ripe for its debut in the cosmetic space. It’s already in trials for a range of new products.

While we have not conducted clinical trials yet, the public available research on the phyto-compounds in the plum’s profile already raise significant interest across industry sectors. We have lots of exciting new delivery formats to explore.

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