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Anigozanthos flavidus is a stunning and uniquely Australian flower known as the Kangaroo Paw Flower because of its resemblance to … you guessed it - a kangaroo’s paw! The Anigozanthos genus has 11 different species, ranging in various hues of velvety flowers, from red and orange to green and yellow. The Nyoongar people called it Nollamara, Kurulbrang or Yonga Marra and have used the nectar to make sweet drinks or harvested the root tubers to eat.

Native to South-Western Australia, it serves as the emblem for the state of Western Australia, but around the world many countries are beginning to admire this exotic species for fresh cut flowers and now its skin-loving benefits! Through NATIVE EXTRACTS’ innovation in Cellular Extraction, we can now see the flower’s unique water-soluble phyto-compound profile including their derivatives, revealing multifunctional phyto-nutrients for skin care. Even the famed French skincare brand, Clarins, has launched new “Extra-firming Day and Night Creams” backed by this Australian Hero Ingredient, touting the plant’s potential for regenerating skin firmness as it targets young cells at the source with increased collagen output.



NATIVE EXTRACTS’ innovation in Cellular Extraction harnesses Kangaroo Paw’s water-soluble phyto-compound profile in the natural entourage, revealing numerous potentials for skin, hair, etc. In addition, we have created a Kangaroo Paw Flower Oil Infusion (see more below) so anhydrous formulations don’t have to miss out on this beautiful species.

*The below compound and fatty acid references are from publicly available, peer reviewed research on these specific compounds, this is not intended to reflect the performance of the extract, it is for education purposes on the compounds and to assist in your own research when trialing new product development. Contact us for references on our NE Kangaroo Paw Flower Datasheet.

ORGANIC ACIDS This family of compounds is known for teenage skin, exfoliation, emollient, moisturising and conditioning properties.

AMINO ACIDS A large family of acids known for skin collagen synthesis rates and to enhance wound care, exert antioxidant activities, improve skin barrier function, maintain skin vitality as anti-aging agents, contribute to hair viability by constituting the building blocks for hair strand synthesis alongside multiple aspects of hair maintenance and protection.

PHENOLICS Known for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and premature aging properties. Preventing or attenuating progression of certain skin disorders and enhances healing of wounds or burns.

FLAVONOID GLYCOSIDES Known for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, and premature aging properties coupled with their capacity to modulate key cellular enzyme function.

TETRAHYDROXY FLAVONE Known to promote skin lightening effects via multiple mechanisms, support skin rejuvenation and viability through premature aging benefits, manage skin elasticity and wrinkle formation, contribute to wound healing with strong anti-scarring attributes, sun damage, outstanding antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

RUTIN Known for multifunctional activity as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. Research shows it can assist with skin brightening effects, inhibitions of hair follicle cell death and hair bulb regression, improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkle formation.

…We have you covered. Meet one of our Native Infusion Oils!

OUR latest proprietary, high-speed and high-pressure infusion technology delivers a NEW natural, oil-soluble solution – NOI Kangaroo Paw Flower Oil Infusion, offering NEW points of difference to create new stories and branding from the pristine ecosystems of Australia. Our NOI Kangaroo Flower Oil is infused in low comedogenic cold pressed Sunflower oil, high in Oleic Acid.


Our brands are loving incorporating this unique Australian species into serums, moisturisers, and creative new formats where they aim to leverage the stunning natural phyto-compounds of this exotic looking flower. Imagine your next range, enlivened by a field of unique bright red blooms.

Connect your brand with True to Nature ingredients and the growers that make it possible! NATIVE EXTRACTS operates by the 3 C’s and 3 T’s - Connection, Collaboration and Conscious Practices. In the era of the conscious consumer - striving for more Net Positive Impact on the planet, we serve to help brands bring consumers a bit closer to the source through honest sourcing and manufacturing - Truth, Transparency and Traceability.


ASK US for datasheets, price lists and an Innovation Map to see how to incorporate NE Kangaroo Paw Flower Cellular Extract or NOI Kangaroo Paw Flower Oil Infusion into your next formulation.

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