Revolutionising Plant Extracts

In the last decade we've witnessed big changes in how we work with botanical extracts - We aren't just creating plant extracts. We are revolutionising them!

We have evolved the botanical extract with expertise across multiple technologies, processes and methodologies and a corporate culture that pushes the boundaries to go beyond the ingredient. We can express a species in several variations to suit various applications, and we are continually working on exciting projects spanning cosmetic, nutraceutical, beverage and pharmaceutical projects.

The Natural Revolution is Here!

Driven by demands of more conscious consumers and responsive brands looking to improve their products' lifecycle, our lab team has worked to apply our scientific library of plant profiles to the countless possibilities - to find natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals, to update formulations with "true to nature" extracts, or to even create new custom formulations based on concentrated plant serums.

Our ability to help lead Australia's natural cosmetic revolution comes down to our strong, experiences team that wants to do great work and explore new possibilities. This is one of the reasons local and global botanical producers chose NATIVE EXTRACTS to commercialise their botanical products into new, high-value deliverables to introduce them into new markets. Moreover, this means that the brands, formulators and contract manufacturers we work with get to trial world-first releases and share their feedback for a chance to be the first to market with incredible new ingredients.

The team has recently been finalising a new flavour range - offering botanicals in 3 new food grade formats: Native EssenXces, concentrates and syrups! 

We continue to expand our knowledge of harnessing natural molecules and True to Nature plant profiles across multiple solubility formats; continually making new breakthroughs in concentrations and improving our eco-conscious and energy/water/biomass efficient manufacturing practices to reduce and repurpose waste, and avoid unnecessary use of natural resources.

Through these commitments, we came to create the world's newest blue essential oil - Rainforest Blue. It has and continues to be an exciting journey of growth - we have come a long way from our early days of discovery. We have advanced our processes, built new technologies, extended the possibilities of new liquid formats and hit new benchmarks in nutrient-densities, including our new breakthrough in harnessing natural Vit C in our ESS Kakadu Plum EssenXce - reaching 15-16,000mg/100g!

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do - it is how we evolve our R&D pipeline - we constantly listen to our brands, contract manufacturers, and growers. There are some exciting new releases for 2022 including a new source of Vit E in an interesting format that we think will be a revolutionising extract - a game changer!! We'll keep you posted!

Nature (and the growers) do the hard work. We find interesting ways to harness its brilliant design, so others can further innovate!

There is so much work still to achieve, and it is a privilege to be able to work this close to nature. We continually ask ourselves, do we really get to do this every day?!? Explore how our research and extract innovation can translate into the science of your for more information!

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