Pushing the Boundaries of Beauty Biotech

A New Decade of Unprecedented Discovery

With innovation and disruption at our core and a history of breakthroughs, 2022 marks the evolution of NATIVE EXTRACTS as an emerging Australian Biotech Company. We're delving deeper into the science of natural compounds, enhancing technology and building unique new partnerships. Furthering our commitment to the evolution of the beauty industry, this year, we're committing to ...

  • New Species for New Plant Profiles
  • New Extraction Methodologies
  • Forging Clever PartnershipsLaunching brand collaborations
  • Participating in primary industry development groups
  • New Indigenous supply chain collaborations
  • Responsible Sourcing & Conscious Manufacturing
  • Brand-Trust Built on Science-Based Data
  • Offering New Food Claims for new Market Sectors

Look out for our Industry Projections + Trends Report "Forging the NEW Experience" ..... hitting inboxes soon!

Where "natural" products were once separate from "science-based" products, now NATURE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and COMMUNITY are COEXISTING to reshape the industry, the planet and individuals, contributing to an explosion of responsible, intelligent narrative and design as it reflects the big global issues of our time. We're at the beginning of an exciting era in the global explosion of research on natural compounds, which will be kicked off with the flavonoid family. 

Global groups are investing in biotech research and are excited about NATIVE EXTRACTS' delivery of natural molecules in their entourage. Already underway in homegrown research with four major Australia universities conducting trials in foodtech innovations, antioxidant activity, immunity response, inflammation and other lifespan categories. New knowledge of our natural world inspires new breakthroughs in our laboratories, and when combined with efficient technologies, delivers the best of science and nature for powerful natural solutions.