Partnerships with Purpose

In the last three years, NATIVE EXTRACTS' Director, Lisa Carroll, has chosen a select few young entrepreneurs to guide along their brand creation journeys. This program has been a two-way street with mutual benefits and learning experiences along the way. One of the most valuable relationships formed and nurtured has been with Anthony Wilson of Nood Australia, a hygiene and cleaning product company built on NATIVE EXTRACTS' range of Australian botanical Cellular Extracts.

Photo: Anthony Wilson of NOOD Australia

Working with Anthony (of Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna and Narungga ancestry), we have both discovered the unique powers we have to bring our businesses' transformational purpose to life. Through cross-cultural and cross-generational partnerships like this, we continue to learn from each other and discover new opportunities to make a difference: such as connecting consumers to country through native botanical ingredients, encouraging eco-conscious consumers through sustainable ingredient manufacturing, researching the phyto-compounds of traditional species and offering new innovative ingredients through Cellular Extraction, and bringing it full circle by working with growers and Indigenous communities to help move their produce up the value chain as ingredients for the health, wellness and beauty industries.


Manufacturing True to Nature ingredients, from source to bottle, is our commitment - to help create products and brands that are better for the Earth. Although Anthony's endeavor has been mainly self-led, relationships with mentors and people like Lisa have been transformational for him. In a recent interview by OfficeWorks, Wilson says, "We’ve partnered with a company called Native Extracts Australia and the owner, Lisa [Carroll], is a really good person to work with. Her moral compass is great, she wants to engage with Indigenous communities and enterprises that harvest or source native botanicals. Our morals align and what we wanted to do was really grow that sector because, for me, it’s about learning – what I can learn from Lisa, what Lisa and I can learn from communities that harvest native botanicals and the amazing properties that these species hold that we don’t even know about. It’s important to me that I am able to create more opportunities for communities, whether directly or indirectly; I want to help open doors."

Video Credit: Officeworks


Here at NATIVE we are passionate about building a strong primary industry in Australia. By sourcing our native materials from Australian and Indigenous growers and wild-harvesters, we go beyond being "traceable and transparent." For us, it's about honouring the original places and people who have cultivated these species for thousands of years, and to build on the ancient knowledge that continues to be such an important part of Aboriginal life - that is largely part of NATIVE's transformational purpose - to build meaningful bridges between plants and their end products, that have a positive impact on people and the planet. 

For Anthony, the decision to keep his manufacturing within Australia was about more than the label claim. He says it was rooted in his guiding ethos, "To be Australian-made and able to grow our own economy is important to me. Within my heart, my soul, it just feels right. If I went overseas to do it, my gut would have told me it was the wrong thing to do. I feel my intuition telling me what is right and wrong and when I was looking at it, the right thing to do was to keep it in Australia."

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