The Evolution of Ageing

Lisa Carroll, NATIVE EXTRACTS Director, recently shared the screen with Bow Tachamahachai, regional brand director at Shiseido APAC and Amanda Lim from Cosmetics Design Asia to talk about the evolution of skincare's approach to "Ageing."

"Being in my 50s, and loving being in this cycle of my life, I am passionate about the industry addressing the need for a new narrative around ageing, “really” talking to women and men over 40 with relevance, positivity, respect, inclusion and realism," says Lisa.


There's No "Anti" About It

The “anti-aging” message to this demographic needs to be vastly different – we are aging, we have aged, there’s no ‘anti’ about it, and it is not something that we have an “anti”dote for. It is guaranteed, and it is a gift to circle the sun for so many decades. It brings wisdom and knowledge. Ancient cultures revered their older people, and today this demographic is saying they want more out of their later years.

We want well-aging solutions that recognise our major skin changes in these later years, our hair growth, the nutritional, physiological and neurological support, etc. We need more internal and topical solutions that work together. It’s about more than our face or wrinkles. Our body’s skin tone and hair weakens with hormonal changes. We need colour cosmetics that don’t enhance our lines, hair serums that slow greying, natural ingestibles that keep us strong, vital and alert, or help us sleep and restore, etc. The brands that define and celebrate this demographic, that gives it a true voice will champion what I think will be a new era in skincare.

Life-span goals are being achieved and we are living longer, which is bringing an explosion of scientific research and innovations focusing on health-span. Living longer brings new consumer behaviours and demands as they enter the “aging” demographic from 45 – 70s and beyond! It is not just how long we can live, but how well we can live – we want to look as good as we can, take care of ourselves better, feel good, move better, improve our cognitive function, our moods – we have decades to experience with new attitudes of “bolder not older.”

The Future is "Age-Embracing" Skin Care

At NATIVE EXTRACTS, we are focusing on plant profiling new and popular species, phyto-compounds in their synergistic relationships, new technologies and pushing existing technology through new methodologies to harness new concentrations and deliver natural molecules that are bioavailable for our bodies, skin, and hair needs - for brands to innovate and translate into new solutions.

This next decade signals an explosion of global scientific discovery and clinical research on natural plant-sourced compounds, and the importance of solutions, leveraging the power of combining synergistic ingestible and topical applications for better outcomes.

Take a look at my interview with Amanda Lim for our perspectives from a global leading skincare brand and natural ingredient manufacturer on the future of "age-embracing" skin care.  


We are beginning to see a shift in consumers’ approach to aging, and with it, adjustments to how brands formulate and market their products, and thus the research we've been investing in, such as:

  • The natural molecules in our Cellular Extracts and Oil Infusions and our innovation and expansion into our EssenXces, nutrient dense liquids for nutraceuticals

  • Delving into the compounds that address the aging demographic’s most relevant concerns i.e. menopausal and perimenopausal hair and skin changes

  • Looking beyond face care and analyzing species profiles that offer support for the body (i.e. cellulite, firming, anti-inflammatory, photo-damage, age spots, barrier function and more)
  • Exploring the natural molecules that behave as DHT blockers for extending the hair growth cycle

Lisa Carroll, Owner and Director, NATIVE EXTRACTS, with her eldest son about to turn 30, and loving being in her 50s, “it is time to let the "anti" go in anti-aging and embrace the best version of the unique you! This negative narrative and lack of relevant discussions for skincare for 50s and over is finally arriving, as we see this demographic making their need to be heard loud and clear. We don’t want 20 year olds selling us skincare, our needs are as different as our experience to other demographics, and we want relevant skincare.


Request our Innovation Map (NPD Brief template) for Custom Extract Recommendations that Support Healthy Ageing, Naturally!
It is a great tool to start with! Together we can help you find a tool kit of ingredients that support your “age-embracing” formulations.