Connecting to Ingredients. Connecting to Country

 The recent launch of the Palmolive Skin Food “We, Not Me” campaign has raised more meaningful conversations and discussions around what inclusion means, for First Nations Peoples, for growers of native botanicals, for the unique species steeped in cultural significance, and for the industries reliant upon them.

We are so proud to be collaborating with this pioneering group of thoughtful and caring leaders across the Personal Care Industry, as we continue to walk and learn together. 

Nourishing the Land - Nurturing A Future for Native Botanicals

One of the most illuminating parts of this collaboration is the potential to scale this change. From 3 of Australia’s valued First Nation growers, we can quickly see that there is a need for many more! When you look at the demand for Plant Extracts by industry, you quickly realise that Cosmetics uses the LARGEST share of natural plant-based extracts - double pharmaceuticals and 200x more than agrochemicals (see table below)! With such a great draw on our natural resources,  we know that sourcing raw botanicals from growers who have a deep understanding of the land and a vested interest in the future of the ecosystem is important to ensuring future supply, and to nurturing ancient Indigenous traditional knowledge and practices.

Native Extracts Market Volume

Table Source: Uhlenbrock, L., Sixt, M., Tegtmeier, M., Schulz, H., Hagels, H., Ditz, R., & Strube, J. (2018). Natural Products Extraction of the Future—Sustainable Manufacturing. Solutions for Societal Needs. Processes, 6(10), 177. 

As Daniel Newchurch, one of the three growers featured in the campaign, says, it’s important to “bring native food into a contemporary sense, but still follow the boundaries of ancient cultural practices…If you look after land, land looks after you.”

Growing the Primary Industry – Opportunities On the Rise!

Encouraging growers to adopt a future-oriented approach to farming is crucial. One effective way to achieve this is by demonstrating the demand and potential growth of the native botanical industry. The support of influential brands such as Palmolive is essential in illustrating the significance and lasting impact of this movement. It's not just a fleeting trend; it marks a significant turning point towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to agriculture.

Despite progress, there are still ample opportunities for investment and mentorship to support new growers or those transitioning towards more sustainable practices. A range of discussions still needs to be had, including those on understanding, respect, challenges, and opportunities. It is heartening to see Palmolive taking the lead in opening up these conversations and actively seeking out ingredient suppliers and growers who share the same values.

Lisa Carroll of NATIVE EXTRACTS & Dominic Smith of Pundi Produce & Diramu Skincare

Image: Lisa Carroll, NE Director, discussing the science of Cellular Extraction of his River Mint with Dominic Smith, one of Palmolive’s featured growers in the “WE, NOT ME” campaign.

Colgate-Palmolive is Creating a NEW Baseline

Colgate-Palmolive is committed to supporting supplier diversity, creating and expanding business opportunities for underrepresented business owners to advance socio-economic equity. 

As Colgate-Palmolive states in their 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report, “Our focus is to expand our work with diverse suppliers to increase our spend across all business units, and engage leaders to provide mentoring to enable their success. We want to encourage greater collaboration among our partners to engage minority- and women-owned businesses.”

Colgate-Palmolive DEI Report indicates their commitment to diverse supply chainsIn the U.S. Colgate revealed that 4.4% of their Tier 1 direct spend was with minority- and women-owned businesses (see table, source: Colgate DEI Report), with a goal to increase to 10% by 2025. “An important part of our 2025 strategy is to enable the success of diverse companies,” and we are seeing that here in Australia with the thorough research and intentional choices they are making to invest in First Nation suppliers.

We look forward to seeing these numbers for Australia with First Nation engagement, creating a baseline to build from, and the journey ahead to raising inclusion, together across the industry.

Join us in Raising Inclusion and Creating Opportunities for Growing Australia’s Primary Industry. Ask us for an NPD brief to see how to bring NATIVE’s extracts into your story !