ASCC 2023 Conference: NATIVE EXTRACTS Presents


This 9-11 May 2023, NATIVE EXTRACTS is heading to Melbourne for the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists 55th annual conference. Lisa Carroll, NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Director & Innovator, and Lyndall Murray, CMO, will be presenting on ‘Eco-Conscious Extracts’ and ‘Going Circular’ and will be at IXOM’s booths 16 & 17 to talk all things plant extracts.  


We can't wait to see all of our industry partners and make new connections this May! If you've been wanting to see our advances in Cellular Extraction up close, this is your chance to explore the brilliance nature has to offer your future formulations! View the Technical Program Here, create your schedule, and let us know when you would like to meet up at IXOM's Booths 16+17! We ask that you submit an NPD brief before May 1 so we can come prepared with ideas on how to work together!






Cellular Extraction’s eco-conscious processes reduce eco-impact and result in ‘Truer to Nature’ extracts. Energy, water and resource efficient practices contribute to the preservation of the natural entourage of phyto-compounds in the ratios nature intended.

Cellular Extraction (CE) is a pressurised liquid extraction (PLE) that is an energy and biomass efficient process that uses green, biodegradable solvents. We continue to expand the knowledge of phyto-compound profiles of Australian native botanicals and a new look at traditional botanical profiles. We are resource responsible using rain-harvested water over public supply, which also eliminates chlorine from final products as well as reduces load on our filtration system. 

As we enter a decade of unprecedented global research into the entourage, we reach new benchmarks of plant science and see innovations in extraction protocols, technologies and advances in analytical testing. Moving away from isolating, purifying and targeting single compounds, we learn more of the importance of the entourage, maintaining the integrity of natural molecules, and explore new work combining different botanicals' entourages to enhance outcomes. Isolated single compounds may not be as effective or stable as those extracted in their entourage.

Extraction processes that protect the entourage can enhance outcomes and functionality as we explore the idea of vitamin C recycling in the presence of glutathione and reductase enzymesNATIVE EXTRACTS’ ability to harness the entourage over the past 6 years has resulted in an extensive library of phyto-compounds, some 400 ingredients, new data and multiple university collaborations to advance and share knowledge as we chart new territory in combining high value entourages for elevated outcomes. Natural ingredients that expand on scientific discovery, that are eco-conscious and have a social impact make for positive impact choices for product, people and planet.


Whilst nature functions in circular nutrient systems, the Cosmetic Industry’s linear model of production and consumption is known to contribute negative environmental impacts. “Circular economies” give brands and manufacturers a holistic assessment of the impacts across their products’ lifecycle, which extends beyond eco-sustainability to inclusion, socio-economic outcomes and supply chain sustainability.

In addition to addressing climate change and offering consumers more natural solutions, circular manufacturing builds resilient brands and strengthens our primary industry by “lessening depende­­ncy on brittle supply chains” (Ellen MacArthur 2021). As NATIVE EXTRACTS broadens our grower network, sourcing more raw materials from Indigenous growers, we introduce new opportunities to small business and rural communities, and encourage eco-conscious growing practices, like aquaponics. Sharing NATIVE’s library of research allows growers to enter the beauty market and revalue crops based on their phyto-compounds. In addition, mentoring young Indigenous skincare entrepreneurs increases job opportunities in their region.

NATIVE’s innovative, conscious extraction processes and business practices go beyond the eco-impact of reducing pollution, diverting waste, conserving resources, and regenerating nature. We bridge our end-products (Cellular Extracts) to the start of the supply chain, offering communities natural solutions – for their physical and financial well-being. By implementing circular design throughout the supply chain, we can reach a Net Positive Impact for Personal Care products.




The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists has been pushing the personal care industry toward innovation for over 50 years. As ingredient manufacturers, we believe that the science and technology of natural cosmetics starts with nature, where we’ve been at the forefront extracting some of the world’s most unique species and presenting their phyto-compound profiles in their water-soluble entourage of synergistic compounds. Through our work, collaborating with universities, formulating chemists, brands and growers, we are advancing what we know about specific species’ extracts and what they offer for health, beauty and wellness.

Learn how we're pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation to deliver the brilliance of NATURE’S design, explore the hydrophilic entourage, sustainability, transparency and raising First Nation inclusion in the supply chain to create better choices for people, products and our planet.