NATIVE Makes Noise in India’s Beauty Boom

India is experiencing a ‘Beauty Boom’ and we are so excited to be a part of it! We are working to expand access to Cellular Extracts throughout the country with our distributor, United Descaler, and our ingredients are popping up in more and more Indian skincare lines, from indie startups to big beauty brands alike.

As NATIVE EXTRACTS (NE) has become synonymous with ‘True to Nature’ plant extracts, delivering the natural molecules in their water-soluble entourage, our innovation in Cellular Extraction has helped contribute to increasing demand for Australian manufactured ingredients, circuitously giving rise to the global interest in A-Beauty. Many Australian beauty brands have developed a global reputation built on their plant-based, science-backed, people-and-planet-friendly formulations and now India aspires to do the same.

The United Descaler Team and a display of NATIVE EXTRACTS hero Australian Cellular Extracts exhibiting the true to nature colours of the species and their unique imagery.

India’s roots in botanical traditions and practices like Ayurveda, combined with an interest in the latest innovations, have created a synergy between science and nature that is driving a trend toward plant-based personal care, as well as a strong interest toward Cellular ExtractionTM as we saw at the latest CosmoTech in New Delhi July 14-15. Australia represents a unique mega-diversity and pristine ecosystem, which these markets highly value.


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India Excited to See NATIVE Close-Up at CosmoTech

With over 12,000 attendees at July’s CosmoTech (India’s biggest trade show for the Personal Care industry), our distribution partners at United Descaler (UD) confirmed that they’ve never seen so many excited visitors, many of whom met NE’s range with great interest! Mohit Khosla, UD’s Managing Director, says “The expo went superb! We had so many visitors visiting us for the NATIVE EXTRACTS’ line of products…we received a great deal of sample requests to cater to!” 

Lisa Carroll, NE’s Director and Innovator, continues, “India’s strong connection to botanicals as solutions, has driven their Beauty industry to search for new sources of natural compounds that bring products closer to nature, a truer reflection of the source, and a new understanding of the synergistic relationships in species' phyto-compound profiles. The industry is moving away from the past processes of macerated or percolated extracts, and while there is a place for synthetic standardisation, isolating and purifying specific compounds, the next decade of global research will be on natural compounds and the relationships in their natural entourage. India is looking for botanicals that have transparent and traceability backstories, consciously manufactured ingredients that reduce impact on the planet and natural molecules from unique species.”


What’s Behind India’s Beauty Boom?

According to AusTrade, “The cosmetics and personal care industry is one of the fastest growing consumer product sectors in India” and there is strong potential for Australian exporters - for brands and suppliers alike. Understanding why this growth has come so quickly is key to delivering what India needs. India’s skincare market has a 41% share of the global market, and a $22.3 Billion USD revenue in beauty & personal care. Here’s some of the factors playing a part…


  1. Digitisation - “Large-scale development of digital and manufacturing sectors has resulted in a booming demand for cosmetic products in India, which is no longer restricted to metro and mini-metro urban centers, but equally powerful in rural areas.”

  2. Accessibility - The massive and rapid shift to smartphones across India and availability of cheap data on all mobile connections across the country combined with the sudden influx of e-commerce retailers (post-covid) focused on the beauty segment.

  3. Investment - “Big money is backing small brands. New recipes are emerging from the kitchen, the lab and the forest. First-time buyers from small towns are altering business models. Reels and tutorials are wooing new audiences and sparking trends.”

  4. Inclusion - “The last few years have witnessed tremendous growth in female entrepreneurship” taking shape in the form of many skincare brands, both large-scale companies and early age startups.

A New Look for Indian Beauty

While we continue to build NE’s international distribution network, we plan to have regional hubs operating our range of extraction protocols and are excited to see how a NATIVE range takes shape in India, exhibiting the best of their own native botanicals. We’ve begun the first I-Beauty Range of Cellular Extracts and we can’t wait to release the range soon! This new range of Indian botanicals will connect with those seeking natural plant-based remedies, and/or complex extracts that deliver the full hydrophilic phyto-compound profile and eco-consciously manufactured extracts.

Meet the 1st extract from our I-Beauty range, Amla Berry

Image source: CosmoTech India


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