Lisa Carroll Selected as BeautyMatter NEXT Award Finalist for “Change Maker of the Year”

We are SO excited to announce our Director Lisa Carroll as a selected finalist for BeautyMatter's inaugural NEXT Award for "Change Maker of the Year"! 

As the industry's respected thought-leaders, BeautyMatter is a collective of disruptive and boundary-breaking experts, brand Founders, operators, investors and trend forecasters ... and we are so honoured to be seen and SELECTED by them! This recognition is so meaningful to Lisa and the entire NATIVE EXTRACTS team, as recognition of the decade we've invested in innovation, research, eco and social impact, creating new markets for our grower network, ingredient R&D for improved health-span, bringing new science into the narrative and collaborating to better access the brilliance of nature’s design from farm to formulation.


Lisa has always advocated that “we are here to serve”; to listen, understand markets and client objectives to build protocols to support their visions; to serve science through innovations and advanced research collaborations; and to share knowledge and industry connections with growers and brands.

Driven by transformative purpose, Lisa is devoted to developing conscious, circular and collaborative business practices. As a woman business owner, she is passionate about supporting more women entrepreneurs and women in science. We couldn't be prouder of her commitment to making change in the scientific sphere and within the beauty industry at large. 


More recently Lisa announced her role as Mentor to 3 inspiring young Indigenous women in the SA Riverland region creating their Skincare brands as part of a Food Futures Indigenous Entrepreneurship & STEM Pathway Project. She brings together her grower networks and industry partners to give her Mentees access to information and services that will support their success and personal growth. This recognition comes at a momentous time as we just hosted our first immersion experience with our three mentees. Stay tuned for our re-cap of their visit coming SOON!

She also leads a talented technical team that assists in commercializing new ingredients and creating new markets for growing groups (e.g. Queen Garnet project). She builds new opportunities beyond traditional markets and creates new scientific knowledge and applications of botanicals in preparation for further research and clinical work for Pharmaceutical applications.


Lisa and her team are leading more than plant extract research, but have always been determined to support our country’s primary industry. By sharing her phyto-compound profiling and new scientific discoveries, working with various leading university research labs, and creating partnerships to expand access to new markets, our growers can diversify their crop values. 

Lisa is also exploring ways to raise inclusion of First Nation growers through to brand owners. She acts as a conduit for brands that want to contribute to the growth of the primary industry and greater inclusion of First Nation growers, and she networks with her contract manufacturers to work on projects that support regional areas, and offer new stories in the A-Beauty category.

Leveraging our innovations and skills, Lisa networks to contribute to improving First Nation growers’ inclusion and visibility across the supply chain. Recently, we have connected one of our growers, Dominic Smith of Pundi Produce (link to blog), with our client Colgate Palmolive, who formulate with extracts that use botanicals sourced from Pundi Produce. This relationship resulted in Colgate Palmolive featuring both Pundi and NATIVE in their campaigns, giving Pundi Produce sales of their retail tea and brand exposure for their retail business. Many brands using botanicals want to support and contribute financially to the growth, inclusion and sustainability of our primary industry, and Lisa brings these connections together, playing her part in influencing change. 


If you have worked with Lisa and her technical team, you'll understand her commitment to clients, partners and producers is NEXT level! Not only has Lisa been at the forefront of the evolution of the botanical extract to deliver new knowledge of a species’ water-soluble entourage, but she’s driven the global trend in A-Beauty through the advances in Cellular ExtractionTM and research on Australian native species. She has also given the beauty industry a new look at traditional botanicals by harnessing a species' water-soluble entourage through new methodologies and extraction practices that are water, biomass and energy efficient. Lisa has raised the bar for more consciously manufactured beauty ingredients.

“Change for good comes from collective efforts and a shared vision – from an ethos of continual improvement, we do what we do well, but there is always more to do better, it is never in isolation, and our achievements are a result of the sum of our connections, and how we can best serve others. And for us, science is about challenging our work, learning and being open to new possibilities, being vulnerable and confident. The more we learn, the more we realize there is to learn. Working with nature is about discovery, letting your curiosity run wild, pushing boundaries and the status quo, and often not settling. It can be mystifying, frustrating, exciting and very humbling. Working with nature must involve a circular approach from grower through to brands and back. We believe the answers are in nature, we are inspired by the biomimicry movement, thus we need to protect her, and share our discoveries. We are in this together and everyone in the chain has a vital role to play”
- Lisa Carroll


Stay tuned for the final announcement of the WINNERS at the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit on Sept 15! It is an honour to be included in the short list - Thank you.