NATIVE EXTRACTS: Connecting Brands and Consumers to First Nations Growers

NATIVE EXTRACTS, is a leading Australian Phyto-tech manufacturer with a difference, who is on a transformative mission to improve inclusion & build partnership programs with their supply chain to support impact beauty outcomes and revolutionize the understanding of delivering a botanicals’ water-soluble entourage, as an ingredient for A-beauty formulations or simply bottled as a plant serum.

Over the past decade, the global demand for functional, plant-based ingredient solutions in the beauty, cosmetic, and wellness sectors has experienced exponential growth. This trend is expected to extend to new categories, including the nutraceutical and phyto-pharmaceutical industries.

With a notable shift from synthetic to potent, bio-available natural compounds, improved access to scientific data, and a stronger connection to the source, Australian native botanical ingredients are emerging as powerful players, poised to transform the industry.

"Ten years ago, the water-soluble plant profiles of Australian native species were relatively unknown and under-researched. Our work at NATIVE EXTRACTS has generated new data, which we openly share with growers, research organizations, brands, contract manufacturers and Universities to maximise cross-industry innovations and attribute to new value, strengthening our primary industry to participate in new local & global markets.” Lisa Carroll CEO & Innovator said. 

NATIVE EXTRACTS is one of the significant contributors to global cosmetic trend known as A-Beauty (Australian Beauty), which celebrates unique botanical heroes, promotes the pristine environment, and responds to consumer demand for greater transparency, traceability, scientific integrity, and eco-conscious manufacturing practices and building inclusive supply chains that positively impact both people and the planet. 

Collaborating with and expanding the supply network of First Nation growers has always been a fundamental aspect of NATIVE EXTRACTS' mission. While significant progress has been made, there is still much work to be done in creating equitable opportunities for underrepresented growers in the primary industry.

The cosmetic industry holds tremendous influence and serves as a platform for new narratives and transformative change. The rise of First Nation commercial growers is promoting diversification beyond traditional food services, accessing new scientific data to revalue crops, building partnerships, and expanding into new industries.

In response to consumer driven demand for responsible sourcing the EY Futures Consumer Index indicates 71% of Australians believe brands have responsibility make positive change in the world.  

Which is the driving force behind NATIVE EXTRACTS facilitating connections between small and large brands, such as Colgate Palmolive Skin Food range, and their partnership with First Nation growers, including Pundi Produce, Mayi Harvests, and Newchurch Family Farms.

NATIVE EXTRACTS recognises the importance of building pathways to connect growers with aligned purpose driven brands to support platforms to amplify important stories.

More recently, NATIVE EXTRACTS facilitated Bluem an emerging, purpose-driven brand to visit Bard Country in The Kimberley’s WA where the Gubinge (Kakadu Plum). 

During their visit the team developed a relationship with their major suppliers, were immersed in culture and explored new ways for their marketing campaigns can direct impact on the ground.

By championing transparent supply chains, supporting First Nations growers, and promoting improved socio-economic outcomes, Bluem's latest Seed to Skin campaign launching today aims to inspire positive change and elevate the collaborative standards of the skincare industry.

"NATIVE EXTRACTS is redefining business as a force for good by prioritising supply chain transparency, raising awareness for greater inclusion of First Nations growers and really setting a new industry standard as responsible businesses move beyond profit, positive socio-economic outcomes for people in regional and rural Australia.

By harnessing the power of nature and nurturing supply chain partnerships, we are driving positive change for people, the planet, and the beauty/wellness industry as a whole." Lyndall Murray, Chief Marketing Officer & Global Strategist at NATIVE EXTRACTS. 

“Country isn’t just the land you walk on, it is what makes you who you are – it is what you eat, see, smell and feel, it’s the animals that live there, it’s the trees and rocks, it’s the noises you hear in the wind, and the ocean whispering. It is your ancestors. Each generation is responsible for taking us further, maintaining and adapting our culture and knowledge – using the knowledge of generations to ensure our cultural survival in today’s world.

We must take the knowledge and practices that have been passed to us and shift and change to merge with the knowledge and practices of today to remain relevant and effective – to do this we must also work with and “join forces” with others around us (who also have knowledge, history, and experience) with common philosophies and directions.

We have built a strong relationship with Lisa Carroll and NATIVE EXTRACTS that will help us realise the potential in our ancient knowledge and to expand into new opportunities into new markets and growth of infrastructure to meet the demand of our Gubinge and other botanicals. Creating more job opportunities on country means more young people can stay and sustain a livelihood, which means we can keep culture and knowledge on Country,” said Darrell Sibosado of Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation.

"This trip has reinforced our ideology that nature is the greatest scientist of all, with so many mysteries not yet understood by humankind," states Montana Lower Bluem Founder & Environmental Engineer.

"It has changed the conversation from nature backed by science - to science backed by nature. And to think this is only the beginning." Lower said.

The campaign Bluem Seed to Skin launched today with a giveback program 100% of sales (not profits) will be donated to Lombadina Aborignial Corporation today


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Founded in 2012, NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd (NE) is an Australian phyto-tech company who are the pioneering leaders in delivering True to Nature phyto- compound profiles from unique, powerful botanical sources, including breakthroughs in harnessing the natural Vitamin C molecule in an aqueous format with stability over 24 months. While offering an extensive hydrophilic Cellular Extract range, they continue to expand their oil-soluble range of unique native seed oils and infusions. They introduced a world-first blue essential oil, Rainforest Blue, and recently announced their nutraceutical range of world-first Plant EssenXces – nutrient-dense, highly concentrated liquids for ingestion and health-span applications. This new range expands on their early natural Vit C achievements delivering an unprecedented concentration in a liquid, and the ability to hold it at 10% over 24 months.

About Bluem

Bluem is an Australian-owned natural skincare and holistic health brand based on Bundjalung Country (Byron Bay).

With a philosophy deeply rooted in clean beauty, transparency, and integrity, Bluem draws from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to create natural products that encourage self-love and true sustainability

Committed to rewilding the beauty industry, Bluem prioritises ethical practices, transparent sourcing, and a profound reverence for the planet, making it a brand that nurtures both individuals and the environment.