A-Beauty is Native

the largest palette of ingredients from Australia’s unique untapped reservoir of phyto-compounds, making it possible to create strong Australian ingredient stories. Now, the world sees Australian botanicals as the new frontier for naturally powered solutions – new species, new back stories, new points of difference, advanced green chemistry and a level of traceability and access to growers and harvesters that makes social enterprise a reality.

The recent Vogue article echoed our perspective, "there’s been a distinct turn inwards (in Australia), as the number of celebrated homegrown beauty brands has multiplied. The original, trailblazing guard – the likes of Jurlique, Aesop and Kevin Murphy – remain strong, but there’s a new crop experiencing groundswell support." And from where we sit, the demand for native botanicals from these brands and many abroad is on the rise as well. With some of the most strict regulations, Australian ingredients are not only known to be safe, but simple and sustainable. The clean beauty movement is about transparency, and Native Extracts has been championing eco-sustainable and conscious commercialism from field to face since 2012. 


Beyond Botanicals – A-Beauty Delivers Pure Plant Extracts

With nearly a decade of experience in evolving the botanical extract industry from synthetic standardised or inferior macerated/percolated processes, we responded to early demands for honest ingredients. We delivered “true to nature”, raw plant nutrients to the skin care industry through Cellular Extracts, containing phyto-compounds in their synergistic relationships as they exist in the cell, removing the need to draw from synthetic substitutes. 

Our world breakthrough in Cellular Extraction (2012) harnessed and showed what a species has to offer on a cellular level. Our compound profiles offer a new look at the molecules of traditional popular extracts, and also provide unprecedented analytical profiling of new botanical sources from Australia and around the world.

Read more about how A-Beauty is transforming cosmetic ingredient standards with potent, clean and sustainable extracts in our 2020 Beauty Trends blog post.


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