Why skin-hair hybrids are transforming the hair care industry

If you make or sell a hair-care range, you’ll know the hottest trend right now is hair product that uses ingredients that you would normally put on your face.

Getting back to our roots

Big brands such as Redken, Kerastase and Hair Rituel by Sisley are rolling out conditioners, shampoos and treatments that focus on moisturising and exfoliating scalps as well as hair.


Because research shows that great hair care starts at the scalp. And that the scalp is what powers up the growth of hair - making it an essential factor in good hair health and even hair growth.

Under pressure

Although we don’t often think about it this way, the scalp is basically an extension of the skin on your face and is often negatively impacted by:

  • Product build-up,
  • pollution,
  • atmospheric and environmental stresses,
  • intense heat exposure from styling tools and
  • colouring and chemical treatments.

But until now, products that help nurture the scalp with ingredients known to repair skin, improve barrier function and deliver hydration have been hard to find. Enter the skin-hair hybrid…

Game changers

Sam Burnett, owner and Creative Director of London’s 2018 best salon Hare & Bone, explains that these skin-hair hybrids are nothing short of game-changing. 'One of the biggest reasons for this advancement in product technology is the understanding that skin and hair are actually composed of similar proteins and fats. By taking the same approach to the anti-ageing process with our skin, we can apply the same approach when it comes to our hair. It's 100% a step in the right direction with products containing super stem cell and antioxidant ingredients that can even slow down the process of going grey’, says Burnett.

A healthy scalp - naturally

While the new skin-hair hybrid products are revolutionising hair care, some are chemical heavy with many of the ingredients used in beauty products including, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and niacinamide. This flies in the face of the direction of the hair care industry and its consumers, which are accelerating towards natural strategies. So the challenge is, how to create products that use natural solutions, with the same results.

Ground breaking research

Native Extracts have done some amazing research about new, plant profiles, natural molecules, potential DHT blockers and more, for hair growth, health and condition at scalp level. Request a copy of this ground breaking research here.

If you need a natural ingredient solution for your hair care product, reach out. We can work with your brief and create considerations specific to your target objectives. Call us or email us with your objectives.

With over six years of unprecedented profiling of unique Australian species, we can translate our work in skincare to benefit your hair care product.