New Website Expands Natural Ingredient Discovery


Since launching NATIVE EXTRACTS publicly in 2013, Owner, Innovator and Managing Director Lisa Carroll has always been driven to discover new knowledge about phyto-compound profiles of known and lesser-known botanicals. NATIVE EXTRACTS set out to evolve the botanical extract, developing an unprecedented library of plant profiles of Australian native botanical hydrophilic Cellular Extracts, sharing new science with the entire supply chain (growers, chemists, distributors, universities, brands), offering more natural solutions for consumers, and researching for others to further innovate from. A decade later, we continue to expand on our vision; extending the botanical library, phyto-compound identification, expanding the growers network, R&D in new technologies, new partnerships and customisation projects targeting topical and ingestible application formats unseen before.

Lisa has always been inspired by understanding and translating nature’s design, building ingredients that have positive impacts on the environment, and using eco-conscious manufacturing practices to minimise carbon, waste and water footprint. She was not interested in standardising, isolating individual compounds or purification – her vision was to learn and share more about a new field in science – the botanicals’ entourage.  Since 2016, she took over the business as Sole Director, and radically changed the business, rebuilt and applied more rigor in the manufacturing processes and protocols, introduced new protocols for new concentrations and expanded on her vision to deliver the best of nature with low environmental impact, to solve human problems.  

Lisa’s motivation for manufacturing natural ingredients starts at the source. Her ethos has been,

“Nature does the hard work. It has been benchmarking for over millions of years of evolution and natural selection to create efficient combinations of compounds that are synergistic and effective. My interest has always been in the hydrophilic entourage because there was little known regarding both non-native traditional and native Australian botanicals. I wasn’t interested in isolating a single compound, I wanted to share what I first coined in 2013, a “True to Nature” plant profile. Leveraging new technologies and responsible sourcing of botanicals, we create new concentration formats, pre-extraction processes, and a platform that gives our growers representation in the ingredient story.”



By offering more information, as the library of information and ingredients continues to grow, NATIVE needed to make it more accessible and digestible for a range of industry sectors, especially across approximately 400 ingredients. We now offer the ability to search by botanical species, plant parts, origin, specific phyto-compounds, explore potential applications and collections, imagery, connections to the growers, and amplify brands that care about traceability, transparency, and responsible ingredient sourcing; and know how they were made, and the ethics behind the ingredient. NATIVE collaborates directly with brands, our contract manufacturers and growers to create unique points of difference and first to market opportunities.

Fast forward 10 years, Lisa’s vision is more important and relevant than ever, and resonates with the Gen Z unique buying beaviour and demands for purpose driven ingredients. Lisa shares, “It is not enough to be natural, or just tell stories – you(brands) need to demonstrate you know the ingredient story and you are connected or even participating in it. It is an exciting time as these changes are taking hold. It can be about science, community, origin, supporting growers, responsible manufacturing, socio-economic change. It can be circular and inclusive, holistic and interdependent. Brands are realising without growers there are no natural brands and without brands, there will be no markets for growers. We’re starting to see how we are all part of the story, and each other’s success.”

Following Lisa’s vision to help clients get closer to their products, learn more and search by unique objectives, we are very proud to announce our new website, which is just the beginning of greater interaction and connection with ingredients. We are incredibly proud to announce the completion of our website refresh!

The new website brings new ranges that not only amplify the brilliance of nature’s design with new science, new technologies and protocols, but also raise new benchmarks in concentrations, expanding knowledge on a botanical’s entourage and a platform to share the emerging research we will release, including anti-inflammatory studies, new work on the impacts of combining different species’ entourages, as well as unprecedented identification of over 600 unique and individual metabolites in a species, exploring synergistic innovation.

A circular approach to the next generation of natural ingredients is about building relationships across the supply chain, and NATIVE has designed this website to bring each ingredient full circle over time. From the farms, where we continue work on raising inclusion of First Nation growers across the primary industry, R&D with grower groups and the origin of each of our ingredient’s raw botanicals. Or “from the labs”, where we collaborate with some of the best researchers and biotech innovators (topical and ingestible), we reveal the compounds harnessed within each Cellular Extract and exciting research on their importance for specific concerns (i.e Harnessing the Natural Vitamin C molecule in an aqueous format (NE Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract) and more recently our essenXceTM - a breakthrough in natural Vit c we launched in 2013, and continue to perfect, delivering unprecedented concentrations and shelf life.) We share our antioxidant trials, identifying the highest performing species we have discovered.

“What we do will always become a valuable resource for someone else - for product development, university R&D projects, ingredient ideas or revaluing growers’ crops. Sharing the science and building new markets for multiple 3rd parties to benefit from” - Lisa Carroll



As an emerging phyto-tech company, NATIVE EXTRACTS is becoming an industry choice for large grower groups who are commercialising their crops in new formats to break into new markets outside of traditional food crops or the bushfood industry. Leading university facilities are also approaching NATIVE to partner on specific targeted application research due to the integrity of NATIVE’s natural molecules, and the unique library of botanical species gathered over a decade of hydrophilic plant profiling.

The website captures NATIVE’s ongoing ingredient advances, highlighting innovation partners and grower collaborations, our emerging brand mentor programs, and showcases the industry-leading brands we work with that are forging natural solutions good for people and planet. You will already see some of our clients’ new product reveals, a service unique to NATIVE where we collaborate with brands to build unique media assets and video collaborations with the raw materials, growers or NE Lab location shots. A unique approach to greater connection to the ingredient, that sets- NATIVE apart from the rest.

Explore how you can filter through a wide selection of ingredients with greater search-ability for a more customised and personal experience - get ready for another drop of over 100 ingredients in early 2023. You can search by botanical, phyto-compound, potential application, and much more. And most exciting, you can access our technical team’s research papers, or even begin to build a collaborative one-on-one project through our NPD brief. We will be launching our Innovation Incubation group and an updated Distributor Resource Hub in the new year.

This new interface leverages NATIVE’s wide library of information, product offerings and technical expertise to make ingredient discovery easier and customisable, driven by science, nature and connection.

“We are entering an era where brands and growers are collaborating, becoming partners and investing in the growth of hero species, which ultimately creates new B2B and B2C opportunities and the growth of our primary industry, cosmetic and nutraceutical sectors.” - Lisa Carroll, NATIVE EXTRACTS Director