Calendula – A Little Bit of Sunshine

The pandemic impacted supply chains of non-native botanical raw materials, affecting numerous industries.  To improve access and introduce new opportunities to our grower networks, we’ve partnered to trial cultivating high-demand crops typically sourced abroad or from the northern hemisphere like arnica and calendula. 

Take a look at the success one of our Indigenous growers, Pundi Produce, has achieved with their first crop of stunning aquaponic-grown calendula flowers!!! This growing method significantly reduces water usage and the impact of freighting botanicals from the other side of the world. Plus, it’s introducing new markets for growers to target outside of the food or culinary category, which took a hit with restaurants closing during the pandemic as well.

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Australia is synonymous with a diverse, clean environment

Our farming partners are focused on smart growing techniques, biodiversity, drought resistance and low environmental impact practices. 

To be a responsible manufacturer means working with growers who are driving responsible practices, which is why responsible brands choose NATIVE EXTRACTS. We are all part of each other’s story.

We all have a part to play in growing a strong primary industry that is inclusive and eco-conscious through the choices we make. That’s why we choose to work with growers who have an affinity with their land and the care of it. Creating more opportunities for these growers is a small part we can play in making positive change.


Amplifying impacts with eco-responsible manufacturing

Sourcing botanicals from Australian growers means we reduce the impact of freight-related emissions and carbon footprint, but at the NATIVE's lab, we go further to reduce our use of natural resources by using rain-harvested water for our extracts rather than pulling from precious groundwater. Our entire Cellular Extraction process is also temperature, time, bio-mass and energy efficient, reducing our impact throughout the manufacturing process. And ultimately, we compost all organic by-products, and recycle all packaging materials.

Beyond the eco-impact, our Cellular Extraction process also contributes to an incredible plant profile, an extract we think is liquid gold!


Ask for our Datasheet and discover how you can formulate with an Australian grown Bit of Sunshine, featuring Isorhamnetin, Rutin and more natural molecules!



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