NATIVE EXTRACTS, leading Australian Phyto-tech company announces an exciting strategic partnership with the Heyi Commercial Group (Heyi), marking a significant expansion of natural ingredients, access to the latest in plant science and advances in Cellular Extracts from Australia for a new chapter of natural NPD and China Beauty. 

Heyi Commercial Group will be launching an introductory subset of NATIVE EXTRACTS natural Cellular Plant Extracts officially at PCHI this week, on the 20-22nd of March in Shanghai at the World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre. 

Lisa Carroll, Director & Innovator at NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd, commented on the new global expansion saying: "Our partnership with Heyi Commercial Group (Heyi) is a pivotal move towards introducing our natural ingredient innovations to China, and strategic to our global expansion.  

This will be the first time the China market will experience our pioneering Cellular Extraction process that has evolved the botanical extract over the past decade, advances, and innovations from Australia in plant science, and access to the entourage of natural molecules from both popular traditional botanicals and a collection of Australia’s unique botanicals. This strategic collaboration will meet China’s exponential demand for NATIVE EXTRACTS’ quality, eco-responsible manufacturing, transparency, and True to Nature ingredients.” 

NATIVE EXTRACTS has built an extensive library of plant profiles and over 400 ingredients in its offering, this will give China brands, formulating chemists and contract manufacturers a new palette of tools for premium quality natural ingredients with transparency back to source, a new look at natural molecules harnessed from botanicals popular in China, as well as a greater connection to Australia’ pristine mega-diversity for new sources of phyto-compounds to work with. 

Carroll anticipates, the synergy between our ground-breaking Cellular Extraction processes on targeted high value botanicals and Heyi's expertise is expected to spark a new wave of natural product innovation, transparency and new stories for China’s consumers wanting to know more about where their ingredients come from and how they are made. 

With the Chinese market now in sight, NATIVE EXTRACTS aims to leverage its phyto-tech advances and Heyi's prestigious market presence to introduce innovative natural products, setting new industry innovation for natural ingredient selection for cosmetics and haircare markets.  


Carroll says, “Heyi's depth of market insight, commitment to quality, and assistance in meeting regulatory compliances perfectly complements our goals. Together, we're poised to revolutionize natural product innovation in the region." 

Carroll continued, “When the Heyi Commercial Group approached us, it was clear we had found the right partner to represent us in the region.  

They have a strong understanding of their market, share our commitment to quality, and their solution-centric approach to their customers through their analysis centre, laboratories, R&D Centre, and Application centre recognized by the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment).  

We are excited to partner with Heyi Commercial Group and work together to address the regulatory needs for our products' availability in the China market.  

This is an opportunity for Chinese brands and their contract manufacturers to work with natural molecules in their entourage, and new extraction innovation.  

I anticipate some exciting natural product innovation to come in 2024 from the region, and building new markets will have a positive impact on our supply chain. In the future, this will also offer local support to international brands with Chinese offices or looking to establish a presence.” 

China has a long history and connection to botanicals for solutions to human problems.  

There is a high demand for premium and unique natural ingredients sourced from pristine ecosystems.  

The NATIVE EXTRACTS portfolio offers the China market a new look at the natural compounds their Cellular Extraction process can harness from traditional, popular botanicals in demand, as well as botanicals not yet offered to the market.  

Working with Heyi Commercial Group will offer expertise on the ground both technically and from a regulatory perspective. 

Find NATIVE EXTRACTS at the Heyi Commercial booth number 2K10.

NATIVE EXTRACTS' global expansion is a testament to the vision and commitment of Lisa Carroll and her team, reaching an impressive milestone as China joins as one of the eight (8) countries across four (4) continents embracing our innovative botanical extracts.  

This expansion not only signifies the consumer driven demand for their natural product innovations, but it also highlights the global cosmetic industry’s recognition of the importance of natural, eco-responsible, and transparent ingredients.  

In addition, “creating new markets for our ingredients creates greater demand for our growers to scale too, along with new opportunities to engage and diversify their crops if they choose too. This has always been an important part of our business model.” Carroll concluded.



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