Still selecting your ingredients by botanical species? 

Do you know what natural molecules can be harnessed from within the cell? 

We do! And we keep discovering more!  

How? We never rest on our our breakthroughs in pursuit for harnessing natural molecules from high value botanicals. We continue to push the boundaries of plant science for new discoveries, greater concentrations, new outcomes combining multiple entourages, new biomaterials and delivery systems, new technologies and analytical testing.  

From 2016, we evolved from our humble R&D beginnings, and advanced our protocols with new knowledge. We are a very different company, with more sophisticated science to our humble R&D beginnings, and excited about the decade ahead we will bring to this space. 

A decade ago, we innovated and created a new extraction category - we are the Founders of CELLULAR EXTRACTION, this innovation defined how NATIVE EXTRACTS' transfers a botanical's phyto-compounds across the cell membrane and suspends them in a liquid matrix. 

We started creating water-soluble plant profiles that hadn't been seen in the commercial space, a new look at the hydrophilic compounds of traditionally popular botanicals like arnica, Calendula, Green Tea etc; and more importantly an unprecedented library of Australian native botanical profiles. We share this information for others to further innovate - from our growers to our brand partners, research institutes and our contract manufacturers. 

During the past decade we've continued to innovate and advance our methodologies and technologies - we are a long way from our early R&D, we've long superseded the original processes, built new technologies and incorporated several new instruments - we are always pushing the boundaries of what we can harness and what we can report in analytical testing. Wait to you see the new testing capabilities we plan to launch in a few months - plant extracts and advances in plant science has never been more exciting!  

Want to learn more about the water-soluble entourage of a botanical? 

True to Nature ingredients delivers a botanicals' entourage! 

Explore our range of Cellular Extracts by compounds, source, certification and more! 

NATIVE EXTRACT'S Cellular Extracts offer more than comprehensive assessments of the hydrophilic phyto-compound profiles but enhance the ingredient selection process with new ways to select ingredients beyond the species…plus our technical team has compiled exciting "application of interest" reports by compound. 

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