Hair Care Goes Back to the Roots – The Answer is at the Scalp Level

The condition, nourishment, health of the scalp and environment where the hair follicle exists is vital to the optimum development of strong, healthy hair. Hair care is about skin care and draws on the latest advances made in this category.

New Product Development [NPD] in the Hair Care sector is being driven to perform naturally. Global consumer demand is on the rise for providence back to natural source and accessing molecules that are naturally derived from nature.

Hair Care Goes Back to the Roots – The Answer is at the Scalp Level

Australian Species – An Untapped Reservoir for Haircare!

Based on extensive literature searches NATIVE EXTRACTS have identified compounds that have strong references for positive benefits in hair applications, exhibiting significance for hair growth and conditioning. Australian Natives are very new to the Hair Care market and not a great deal has been published to date. Work across Universities and other research facilities is being carried out at this time to unlock their exciting new possibilities.

Australian species represent a new untapped reservoir of Phyto-compounds, powered by our advances in delivering natural molecules through our CELLULAR EXTRACTION process and unprecedented profiling from over 6 years of research.

Powerful Phyto-compounds Promote and Lengthen the Hair Growth Cycle (Anagen Phase)

The hair cycle is comprised of consequent maturation stages, each having its characteristic duration. External aggravators such as excessive heat and UV radiation, as well as internal processes derived from oxidative stress, hormones or genetics, interfere with the natural cycle mainly by shortening the anagen (growing) phase.

Phyto-compounds hold potential to reverse these damages leading to prolonged growth periods associated with increased density, length and diameter of scalp hair.

In our latest hair care research, NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Lead BioChemist, uncovered natural molecules that optimise hair, while also highlighting potential natural DHT blockers/inhibitors, unlocking new natural solutions for hair growth, health, condition …. and the answer is at the scalp level! 

Based on extensive peer-reviewed research we have found four Phyto-compounds to have positive effects on hair growth and conditioning:

  • Quercetin - Activates hair cells
  • Kaempferol - Supports development and maintenance of hair cells, counteracts thinning/weakening (miniaturisation)
  • Procyanidins - Improves hair density and diameter. Interferes with the signalling pathways e.g. Tg-F-β and PKC that pushes hair growth cycle forward. Holds growth stage in place for longer periods before eventually shedding
  • Epigallocatechin-3-gallate [EGCG] - Protects hair cells against environmental toxins, leading to improved cell viability and performance skin inflammatory responses, and down regulated/inhibited.
  • We also discovered that a combination of EGCG + Quercetin and Kaempferol + Quercetin contributes to enhanced hair elongation (2-fold) – Some species offer this combo naturally!

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Feed the Hair Naturally

New and natural Phyto-compounds feed the hair vital elements which create optimum health and appearance.

The new generation CELLULAR EXTRACT offers a powerful blend, unique imagery and bio-active potency making these extracts highly desirable for haircare lines.

Take a new look at the popular traditional botanicals and their natural profiles and compare them to the current synthetic standardised or past methods of maceration/percolation and experience working with what nature has to offer.

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