NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd, the Australian ingredient manufacturer behind the revolutionary Cellular Extraction and R&D of water-soluble plant profiling, announces a strategic partnership with the H.Foster UK group. As one of UK's leading importers and distributors of bulk cosmetic ingredients, they now offer local formulators and brands a new palette of natural molecules through traceable, transparent, and True to Nature Cellular Extracts. New opportunities leverage botanical Cellular Extracts that offer a range of water-soluble phyto-compounds and their derivatives, transferred across the cell membrane, and suspended in a liquid medium, ready to formulate with. NATIVE EXTRACTS supplies to small, medium and large multination companies globally.

H.Foster has built an enviable reputation since its founding by Henry Foster in 1875. Initially catering to the leather and textiles industries with products derived from tallow and wool grease, the company has since expanded its reach with an impressive portfolio focused on oil soluble ingredient formats. Today, their clientele ranges from large international corporations to smaller businesses, spanning various sectors including lubricants, textiles, metal finishing, cosmetics, and more.

H.Foster will be able to offer their clients Cellular Extracts that are an eco-conscious and responsible alternative to traditional plant extracts – employing manufacturing processes that are energy and biomass efficient, created using rain-harvested (deionized/purified) water, repurposing crop surplus, recycling and composting the by-products. Cellular Extracts deliver a plants’ water-soluble phyto-compounds in their entourage, a breakthrough NATIVE first announced in 2013, including the ability to harness the highly unstable natural Vitamin C molecule through the NE Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract.

They continue to advance their work on delivering biological ascorbic acid (Natural Vit C) with their new nutrient dense Kakadu Plum liquids from their Essences range achieving 16,000mg/100g.

Since 2016, owner Lisa Carroll restructured the company, expanded its technical team and improved its methodologies, protocols, and QA systems. She expanded R&D to incorporate a wider range of technologies, built new equipment and continues to grow a team and partnerships with diverse skill sets from Biochemists, Naturopaths, Biotechnologists, Extraction technicians, and Plant Science analytical services expertise. Multiple Australian Universities are leveraging their work to study their plant profiles, their antioxidant capacity and more, to improve our knowledge of a species and potential benefits it can offer.

NATIVE EXTRACTS is fast becoming an iconic, globally recognized and trusted natural ingredient manufacturer, advancing scientific innovations, engineering, and backed by a technical team with in-depth expertise across multiple extraction protocols, and continuous advances in their existing processes. NATIVE’s library of over 400 extracts features unique Australian species, as well as new “True to Nature” versions of traditional botanicals. Their ground-breaking introduction of native, water- and oil-soluble ingredients has been a significant contributing factor to the global phenomenon of A-Beauty, and their term “native” has become synonymous with Australian-themed skincare, with some brands even adopting NATIVE EXTRACTS’ logo on their packaging to communicate their ingredients deliver the natural molecules.

“I am delighted to announce that H.Foster 1875 Ltd will be working with NATIVE EXTRACTS from Australia, promoting & selling their range of botanical extracts in the United Kingdom & Ireland. We are launching Native Extract range at the forth coming SCS Formulate exhibition Coventry 14-15 November 2023. We feel their portfolio is strictly in line with our ethos & our two companies share the same values & visions, and the inclusion of a water-soluble ingredient portfolio will be a significant advantage to our customers as well as the UK Cosmetic industry. We look forward very much to working with Lisa Carroll Director & Innovator of NATIVE EXTRACTS & her Team” 

NATIVE EXTRACTS delivering True to Nature Phyto-compounds

Photo: Inside the NATIVE EXTRACTS Lab.

NATIVE’s Innovator & Director, Lisa Carroll, says “I am excited to be working with H.Foster UK and their community to share our advances in harnessing natural molecules from unique Australian Botanicals and a new True to Nature look at traditional botanical extracts. Our extensive portfolio combined with our responsible eco-conscious manufacturing practices, will avail UK Brands exciting new points of difference, innovation and new stories that amplify responsible ingredient choices encompassing composting by-products, recycling, repurposing crop surplus and waste biomass, energy-efficient processing, and creating all Cellular Extracts with rain-harvested water, which saves the public supply approximately 1000L/day, and our focus on raising inclusion of First Nations growers in our supply chain. Our companies share a similar vision making the partnership a perfect fit.” 

“This new partnership with H.Foster UK is an avenue to further support UK brands’ inspiring, natural formulation design and extend our impact through more natural solutions and planet-conscious initiatives abroad.” Lisa Carroll concluded.