True Blue Power of the Flower

When an extract exceeds your expectations, the Extraction team gets excited, and your Lead Biochemist has a new favourite!

We had to share it with you... our concentrate is so dark blue, it is indigo black! Our 10% dilution option is a stunning purple-blue!
This means we are extracting so many phyto-compounds, especially anthocyanins.

Meet our NATIVE EXTRACTS Blue Butterfly Pea Cellular Extract

Plant Extract - Blue Butterfly Pea Cellular Extract Concentrate Dilution Comparison
Natural skincare, looking for sources of anthocyanins, unique colour, and points of difference, is loving the Blue Butterfly Pea flower, scientifically known as Clitoria ternatea. This vibrant flower is not just a feast for the eyes but also a powerhouse of natural phyto-compounds to consider for the skin and hair. The secret in harnessing this flower’s hydrophilic entourage (or concert of natural molecules in their synergistic relationships) lies in its cellular extracts, which are harnessed using our revolutionary protocols and process, called Cellular Extraction™.

The Cellular Extraction™ Process

We are the founders of Cellular Extraction™.

In 2013, we introduced a new term to categorise the evolution of extraction categories and to articulate our innovation; a decade later, it is referenced globally. The plant extract industry is one of the fastest-growing ingredient categories, experiencing an explosion of new discoveries alongside a fresh perspective on what is possible with our traditionally favourite plant extracts.

As we develop new technologies, access advances in analytical testing, push the boundaries of what we understand a botanical can offer, and respond to consumer demand for more access to intelligent natural ingredients, we continue to learn just how incredible nature can be. We are excited to lead new directions in harnessing natural molecules in their entourage, share new values of a botanical, and collaborate across industry sectors to solve human problems naturally. Our groundbreaking technique captures the plant's water-soluble blueprint of phyto-compounds and their derivatives, and we continue to build extensive libraries of phyto-compounds.

This process maintains the molecules' natural integrity, delivering a "true to nature" hydrophilic plant profile. The extraction is performed rapidly under high pressure using purified, deionised, rain-harvested water; and, just like how a plant moves compounds around, we leverage the concept of gradients and osmolarity to transfer the entourage from the cell and suspend valuable natural molecules in a liquid medium for others to innovate with.

Our method uses less plant material than traditional processes, is rapid, energy-efficient, and the only waste product is the exhausted biomass, which is repurposed, making it an eco-responsible ingredient choice. The result is a natural, 'True to Nature' plant extract.

Why we love the Blue Butterfly Pea Extract

Nature doesn’t often offer 'blue' ingredients, and this is a stand-out! We offer both a Concentrate and a Standard Dilution format, each uniquely and incredibly dark blue. Extracts that are blue, purple, and red often attribute their colour to the presence of anthocyanins in their profile, and our process has done a brilliant job at capturing them. This tiny flower surprises us with a stunning concert of so many valuable phyto-compounds – anthocyanins, kaempferol, lignan, quercetin, rutin – a powerhouse of natural ingredients to consider for hair care and pro-ageing products!

Looking for something new? Blue?

We love this extract for a variety of skincare products, such as active mists, cleansers, day creams, night creams, masks, moisturisers, scrubs, and serums. It features compounds often considered for anti-glycation, inflammation, antioxidants, barrier function repair, collagen support, conditioning, environmental damage, fine lines & wrinkles, hydration/dry skin, hyperpigmentation concerns, premature ageing, and radiance/luminosity/glow. The Blue Butterfly Pea flower is more than just a pretty face in the world of natural skincare. Its cellular extracts, harnessed through the innovative Cellular Extraction™ process, offer a myriad of natural compounds to explore for your next cosmetic, body, and haircare projects. We’d love to hear what you think!


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