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Finger Lime Caviar CELLULAR EXTRACT is fast becoming a global hero in natural skincare, with increasing NPD projects focusing on dehydrated, and barrier function compromised skin. Our innovative Cellular Extraction process captures this unique Native Australian fruit’s water-soluble phyto-compounds, including their derivatives, as the exist in the species.

Powerful Pearls from The Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW

Finger Lime (Citrus australasica) is originally native to the Eastern Coast of Australia in the Queensland and New South Wales border region, where it grows as a dense, thorny, understory bush in the area’s subtropical rainforest. Inside each 6-14cm elongated finger-like fruit are tiny vesicles of pulp, bursting with lime juice, but offering more than flavour. They are packed with an interesting combination of phyto-compounds, like antioxidants and amino acids, which the cosmetics industry adores for applications like anti-aging, wound-repair, exfoliation and more!

Could Finger Lime be a Solution to Dehydrated Skin?­

Our innovative Cellular Extraction process leverages the power of nature by capturing the fruit’s unique water-soluble phyto-compounds (natural molecules) as they exist in the cell – we call this, “the natural water-soluble entourage.” Finger Lime Caviar Cellular Extract has been formulated into numerous formats targeting relief to a variety of skin issues. Is it the new natural answer for barrier function impaired skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and extremely dehydrated, dry, flaky skin?

A Phyto-compound Profile Unlike Any Other Species

Plants have evolved over millions of years to survive extreme conditions. Through natural selection have created the vital combinations of phyto-compounds to sustain their survival. Species have their own unique plant profiles and characteristics, and now we can untap the brilliance of nature to deliver it in various applications for beauty, health and wellness. *Disclaimer: The below compound claims are from publicly available, peer reviewed research on these specific compounds, this is not intended to reflect the performance of the extract, it is for education purposes on the compounds and to assist in your own research when trialing new product development. Contact us for references on our Finger Lime Caviar Data Sheet.

ORGANIC ACIDS Known for antimicrobial, anti-acne, exfoliation, emollient, moisturizing and conditioning properties.

AMINO ACIDS Known for skin collagen synthesis rates and to enhance wound healing, exert antioxidant activities, strengthen the immune system, improve skin barrier function, maintain skin vitality as anti-aging agents, contribute to hair viability by constituting the building blocks for hair strand synthesis alongside multiple aspects of hair maintenance and protection.

TRYPTOPHAN (amino acid) Known to prevent numerous health conditions and has broad anti-aging benefits

PHENOLICS Known for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-aging properties. Preventing or attenuating progression of certain skin disorder and enhances healing of wounds or burns.

NARINGIN Known as an anti-inflammatory agent to ameliorate oxidative stress and prevent tissue deterioration. Counteracts skin and body aging and protects from sun damage.

POLYMETHOXYFLAVONE [LIMOCITRIN] Known as an anti-inflammatory, counteracts skin aging caused by sun damage and promotes skin lightening.

PONCIRIN Known as antioxidant to maintain cell vitality and anti-inflammatory.

CITRUS LIMONOIDS [OBACUNOIC ACID] Known for potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities.

Leveraging the Power of Nature - Cellular Extraction

Want to know more and trial Finger Lime in your next NPD? These unique caviar pearls are bursting with possibilities! Discover TRUE TO NATURE Finger Lime Cellular Extract -  Request a data sheet or sample at

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