A-Beauty Has A New Hero - It’s TRUE Blue, It’s RAINFOREST BLUE!


Introducing the new blue essential oil, Rainforest BlueTM, flying a new flag for A-beauty and Australian ingredients. The clean, conscious, natural trend shows no signs of leaving the global spotlight, as the world discovers the unique species this pristine megadiversity offers - it is only the beginning! It will continue to inspire and take global cosmetics to new places – new ingredients, new species, new locations, new people, innovations, inclusion, and new stories.

Enter the world’s new blue essential oil - Rainforest BlueTM, also known as Rosewood or Australian Rose Mahogany, native to Australia’s Byron Bay Hinterland in New South Wales. The unique deep blue color is attributed to the rare compound guaiazulene, which is also found in Australian Blue Cypress. Rainforest BlueTM now joins the highly prized blue oil group with less than ten species, including more commonly known German Chamomile and Blue Tansy essential oils. Rosewood, or Dysoxylum fraserianum, is a large ancient native tree that can grow to 57m in height with a trunk diameter of 3.5m. In the past, it was prized as a valuable hardwood, but the industry’s decline left an abundance of felled logs. Now, they are destined to be revived and revalued from the bygone logging era as a blue hero in skincare, body care, perfumes and hair care applications.

The licensed collector explains this unique timber does not decompose like others. It is consciously collected, chemical-free, requiring no deforestation or cultivation, and supports conscious manufacturing, whilst repurposing vast hectares of timber abandoned from the by-gone logging days in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

“The same fertile region known as the native food bowl, where we source Davidson Plum, Finger Lime, Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree, Lemon Aspen, Aniseed Myrtle and more. It was prized as hardwood and then the industry collapsed. This blue oil is steeped in an interesting regional back story, new discovery, a rare colour and fresh, earthy green forest fragrance that has Australia stamped all over it!” says Lisa Carroll, Owner and Innovator of Native Extracts Pty Ltd.

NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd, a leading innovative Australian plant extract manufacturer, has become synonymous with and championed “A-beauty” with its Native Cellular Extracts range and the creation of an extensive library of water-soluble plant profiles of Australian native species. Cellular Extracts are also known for harnessing the highly unstable natural Vitamin C molecule in the Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract, which launched in 2013. Now, Native Extracts Pty Ltd collaborates with their supply chain to deliver new oil soluble ingredients. 

“The word “Native” has become synonymous with Australian species, ingredients and brands globally. We collaborate closely with our growers on raw materials for our Cellular Extracts, so it was a natural progression to leverage our team’s skills and work with our supply chain to explore new sources of volatile compounds, especially materials with sustainable potential, like repurposing and revaluing waste streams. I have enormous motivation to help growers access new markets, and connect them with conscious brands looking to innovate – brands need growers and growers need brands – it is circular, I love the interconnection and shared outcomes. I am encouraged to see more Indigenous growers and brand owners emerging, but we have a lot more to do to ensure greater inclusion in the supply chain, and it is getting so much easier to find each other,” says Lisa Carroll. 

A-beauty is taking natural skincare to new heights, and redefining formulations through new multifunctional ingredients, reducing ingredients and drawing on the brilliance of nature’s design. It is more than a trend, it has become a platform to connect with growers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and support eco-conscious manufacturing.

Lisa adds, “It is a movement - Australian cosmetics and ingredients are centre stage in the personal care space because it ticks so many boxes that are important to global ethical consumers – natural, clean ingredients, transparency, new imagery, simplifying skincare, inclusion, eco-sustainability, conscious manufacturing, engaging consumers with unique backstories and more. Australia represents one of the planet’s largest megadiversities. With the majority of the plant species having very little data on their phyto-compound profiles until recently, it is relatively untapped, unknown and will be a source of many new discoveries in the next decade for natural solutions across multiple industry sectors. Evolving to survive Australia’s harsh, yet pristine environment, Australian native species offer powerful phyto-compounds!”

Meet the newest essential oil from Australia, Rainforest BlueTM! If you would like a datasheet or more information, please call email enquiries@nativeextracts.com