EXTRACTS IN FOCUS: Moringa (Moringa oleifera)

NATIVE EXTRACTS Moringa Cellular Extract Concentrate SB P3 and raw leaf.Image: NE Moringa Cellular Extract Concentrate SB P3 and raw leaf. 



Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera  

INCI: Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract 

Biomass source origin:  India, leaf 

What happens when you apply new plant science to the ancient Miracle Tree? Meet the Moringa Leaf Hydrophilic entourage – multiple water-soluble phyto-compounds transferred across the cell membrane and suspended in its Cellular Extraction. We don’t isolate or purify a single compound we deliver Nature’s brilliant design and synergism. 

For centuries Moringa was revered for its many medicinal uses, including wound repair and other skin ailments. 

Let's take a new look at this popular Ayurvedic hero, and discover more about its exciting hydrophilic phyto-compound profile.   If you’ve been working with the amazing Moringa Leaf already you will want to deep dive into the multiple natural compounds we harness.  

Natural Compound Highlights: 

  • Flavonoid glycosides: 
    • Quercetin 
    • Kaempferol 
    • Isorhamnetin 
    • Phenolic acid - Chlorogenic acid 

We think there is so many possibilities skincare and hair care projects can leverage from this amazing botanical.  

Request the FROM THE LAB Brochure series - your NPD Resources toolkit to explore ideas short list your natural hero ingredients for sampling and trialling. 

  • From the Lab | Aging Skin  
  • From the Lab | Antioxidants 
  • From the Lab | Diminish the Blemish  
  • From the Lab | Skin Hydration  
  • From the Lab | Periorbital Care 
  • From the Lab | Hair & Scalp Care 

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Already using Moringa Extract, let's explore refreshing your formulations with the Moringa Cellular Extract. We are doing tonnes of extract replacements for brands wanting new eco-responsible manufacturing and True to Nature plant profile stories to elevate their popular products with the latest innovations. 

While we are known for our groundbreaking work in harnessing and sharing the phyto-compound profiles (the hydrophilic entourage) of Australia native botanicals, Lisa Carroll chose our name to highlight all botanicals are native or endemic to a region(s), acknowledging they have evolved over millions of years, through natural selection, to successfully thrive in their ecosystem which we believe is reflected in their phyto-compounds found in their plant profiles. Moringa is part of our growing I(ndia) Beauty range that celebrates its potent species with a look through a new plant science lens. 

Our mission is to go into the cells of a botanical and harness the brilliance of nature’s design. Meet our latest addition to the website as we upload more of our 400 ingredients for you to explore the exciting phyto-compounds harnessed in the Moringa Cellular Extract.  One of our popular Traditional Cellular Extracts, featured in our I(ndia)-Beauty Collection for those brands that want to leverage more from this ancient medicinal ayurvedic herb. 

Discovered in north India in 2000BC, is referred to as “The Miracle Tree”, and plays an integral part in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and skincare.  

Explore the composite (entourage) of natural water-soluble molecules the Moringa Leaf has to offer: email enquiries@nativeextracts.com to request the datasheet.

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Some of our Eco-Conscious Manufacturing practices include:  

  • Ethical sourcing of raw materials. 
  • Rain-harvested, filtered, and deionised water to highest standards, saving the public supply. 
  • Minimal and responsible waste management: By-products are biodegradable, repurposed and/or composted.  
  • Re-value and up-cycle surplus produce / waste streams to extend crop value.  
  • Partnerships to improve Indigenous inclusion in the supply chain.  
  • Energy efficient, rapid processes reduce our impact on the environment. Solar panels are part of our ongoing commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing.  

Strong back stories are an invaluable tool for a brand to forge a meaningful connection between customers and their ingredients. 

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