Exciting Announcement: ASCC 2024 Presentation by Dr. Phoebe Zhou

Dr. Phoebe Zhou, NICM, Western Sydney University 


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Dr. Phoebe Zhou of NICM Western Sydney University

Image: Dr. Phoebe Zhou

For most of 2023, the NATIVE EXTRACTS team have been working on some exciting anti-inflammatory trials at NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney. Lead by Dr Phoebe Zhou, Research Fellow, and PhD Student Rotina Kapini, and overseen by Prof. Gerald Meunch, Professor of Pharmocology School of Medicine University Western Sydney; we have new data on a range of our Cellular Extracts demonstrating significant down regulation of inflammation, and the ground-breaking work on combining our specific Cellular Extract entourages.  


NATIVE EXTRACTS’ owner, Lisa Carroll, regularly builds pathways to connect the commercial sectors to our next generation of scientists and leading researchers in phyto-chemistry, ontology, bio-materials.

“I see huge value in creating opportunities for our emerging scientific research leaders to gain experience in the commercial sectors, expanding ideas around commercial relevance and perspective to research pipelines from a commercialisation perspective.”says Lisa Carroll. 

We're thrilled to share that Dr Phoebe Zhou, will be presenting a pivotal research at the upcoming Australasian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ASCC) 2024 conference, hosted in the Gold Coast. This presentation is a culmination of our intensive pre-clinical collaboration with NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University. 

The spotlight of this presentation will be on our innovative findings regarding targeted Cellular Extracts and their efficacy in down-regulating inflammation through the NO pathway. A fascinating aspect of this research reveals that the strategic combination of three top-performing hydrophilic entourages significantly amplifies their beneficial impact, a discovery that promises to reshape our approach to mitigate skin inflammation.  

Under the guidance of the esteemed Professor Gerald Muench, and with the vital contributions of our dedicated Ph.D. student, Rotina Kapini, our team has pushed the boundaries of scientific exploration. This presentation not only underscores our commitment to pioneering research but also reflects NICM's mission to nurture brilliant young minds, like Phoebe's, in their journey to make substantial scientific contributions. 

NATIVE EXTRACTS, aligning with its charter to forge opportunities for intelligent young scientists in the commercial sector, proudly supports this initiative. We believe in empowering the new generation of scientists, especially women in STEM, to bring their innovative research to industries such as cosmetics, ensuring the science reaches and benefits the broader community. 

Lisa Carroll, CEO, states, "It's crucial to bridge the gap between advances in plant science research and discovery to the commercial sectors. Platforms like ASCC 2024 allow us to showcase new scientific achievements in Australia to a wider audience." 

All to push the boundaries of Australian bio-tech.

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