The Longest Lasting, Natural & Water-Soluble Vitamin C

NATIVE EXTRACTS announced its world breakthrough in 2013, setting new benchmarks for harnessing the notoriously unstable natural Vitamin C. What does it mean for skincare, superfood and pharmaceutical industries?

Synthetic or natural? Topical or ingestible? Powders or oils?

The options for Vitamin C are bound to cause a migraine or two; but under the microscope, it’s like comparing rotten apples to rotten oranges. Until now, all sources of water-soluble Vitamin C, natural or synthetic, have been highly unstable, dissipate, oxidise and lack the bioactivity that brings the benefits.

THE AUSTRALIAN PLUM that takes the lead - trending globally

If you haven’t heard of the Australian superfruit boasting the world’s highest source of natural Vitamin C, then you will soon because it’s one powerful fruit (100 times that of oranges!). Kakadu Plum is appearing on labels across various products, promoting the fruit’s chart-topping antioxidant levels.

However, extraction methods to-date have been unable to capture and conserve the natural Vitamin C (VC) potency that everyone is after because natural VC generally dissipates in water within 20 – 80 days, this is because it is such an efficient antioxidant. The instability of natural VC is a result of inferior extraction methods like maceration and percolation that require the fruit to be exposed to solvents for extended periods of time - 2 to 8 weeks, compromising the integrity of the natural molecules, degrading the delicate phyto-compounds, and becoming an extract of decomposing plant matter, with little or no natural activity. Hence the growth in synthetic standardisation, synthetically mimicking what was anticipated within the cell, as past extraction methods could not deliver True to Nature profiles. 


Aware of the faults in common processes that leave these extracts void of real natural activity, our innovative CELLULAR EXTRACTION of Kakadu Plum delivers a natural and bio-available Vitamin C in an aqueous format for 24 months and counting. These stable compounds has been independently tested and verified by Australia’s Southern Cross University Plant Sciences Laboratories and we have seen the difference first-hand through our in-house skincare trials.

Our pioneering methodology harnesses the power of the entourage and synergistic relationships as they exist within plant cells to maintain VC’s active state. Everything water soluble contained in a plant cell is extracted, meaning the molecules are surrounded by all of their derivatives and enzymes and don’t realise they’ve actually left the cell! Through this new process, our extracts pull through two enzymes that are key to VC’s longevity. Recent work on the amino acid profile of the Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract is ground breaking.

We employ the scientific concept of Biomimicry - using patterns and mechanisms in nature to solve human problems, we designed an extraction process that mimics the internal mechanism of a plant, allowing us to create the first True to Nature water-soluble plant profile of the Kakadu Plum. Our extract delivers this extremely effective antioxidant / free radical scavenger including all of the derivatives, polyphenols, natural VC and more importantly its enzymes and amino acids.


With superior natural compound profiles over the last six years, our Kakadu Plum CELLULAR EXTRACT has changed the direction of natural skincare and consumer outcomes.

  • NATIVE EXTRACTS was the first to harness the natural Vitamin C molecule for over 24 months
  • We have new & potent Vitamin C sources ready for 2020
  • We have new world firsts in Vitamin C concentration levels in a new liquid medium

 Stay tuned as we further our innovations and continue researching Kakadu Plum CELLULAR EXTRACT’s amino acid profile. There is a new look at its support for natural scalp care as well!

Email us for our report and data sheets on this world-first natural, Vitamin C.

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