Showcasing the Brilliance of Nature's Design at HPCI

In a fortnight, India’s natural brands will get up close to natural molecules and the cellular potential of a botanical extract at HPCI (Home and Personal Care Ingredients Exhibition and Conference)!

By popular request, India’s brands want to learn more about capturing natural molecules and our Cellular Extraction process – first founded and launched by NATIVE EXTRACTS nearly 10 years ago, we pioneered the “True to Nature” botanical Extract. We share new data on a species’ concert of natural water-soluble molecules, transferred across the cell membrane, and suspended in their entourage in a liquid matrix.



Today we continue to drive change and work with Positive Impact brands who are CAREful about their ingredient choices, and look beyond the ingredients to the greater environmental and social impacts they have.

Our range of Cellular Extracts features both Australian native and non-native species, and their unique phyto-compound combinations designed through millions of years of natural selection and evolution - ready to formulate in your product.

Discover Cellular Extracts and get close to what nature offers in flowers, leaves, fruits, fungi and more in INDIA at @HPCI Feb 16-17th! HPCI is the only event in India focused on raw materials and techniques for the formulation of cosmetic and cleaning products and we are so proud to support India’s natural brands taking a stand and working with nature’s design, committed to transparency, traceability, and are driven to make responsible ingredient choices - like those that are water-wise, consciously manufactured, reduce and repurpose extraction waste, and use energy and biomass efficient extraction processes.

Our Distribution partner United Descaler will have our Cellular Extracts on stand, so you can see the vibrance of our plant extracts' synergystic entourage of natural molecules. See the difference in our colourful extracts, reflecting their natural molecules. And learn how you can translate these ingredients into your products and showcase the brilliance of nature's design!


16 & 17 FEBRUARY, 2023