Rainforest Blue® Makes a Splash in Skincare

In November 2020, we launched another NATIVE EXTRACTS world-first, extending our teams’ extraction capabilities to include steam distillation with the creation of Rainforest Blue®, the world’s newest blue essential oil from the Australian Rosewood (Dysoxylum fraserianum)! NATIVE’s technical team covers a wide range of extraction expertise across a range of technologies and applying different methodologies for various solubilities. We now add steam distillation to protocols and are excited for the new discoveries we are making. The global response to the launch has been huge! Our inboxes blew up with sample requests, which resulted in numerous trials and the products are starting to roll out - making quite a SPLASH 💦 


We love working with creative and innovative brands and seeing how they translate our ingredients into exciting new products. Take a look at what Dr Roebucks (one of Australia’s innovative brands) has done with Rainforest Blue® Oil in their "Wategos Facial Oil" - another WORLD-FIRST product featuring a NATIVE-only ingredient. Their formulation team did an incredible job, creating a stunning oil that seems to glide onto the skin and absorb so beautifully. We think its light, forest-fresh odor profile stands out to other profiles found in Australian natives.

Dr. Roebuck’s Head of Innovation and Product, Zoe Kelly, reflects on the development journey of their new product, “It was so wonderful working with NATIVE EXTRACTS on this amazing unique facial oil. NATIVE always backs everything with science and delivers some of the most outstanding and active ingredients I have ever worked with.” We at NATIVE are so proud to have our ingredients in quality products, like this oil, leading the A-Beauty trend and continuing to raise the bar for cosmetics coming out of Australia!


Leading plant science innovation takes us beyond building new knowledge and expanding our library of water-soluble plant profiles. Through our essential oils, we now expand our work into sources of volatile compounds and continue to expand our Oil Infusion range to create new formats to deliver the fatty acids from unique botanicals infused in carrier oils. The Rainforest Blue® Oil gets its rare colour from the compound guaiazulene, just one of the many unique compounds we are excited to offer.


The Rainforest Blue® Oil has an interesting re-purposed backstory, which is ever-more important to brands as they seek to reduce their eco-impact through their ingredient selection. Kelly explains the importance of the oil’s transparency and synchronicity with their own values, “This ingredient smells wonderful, has an interesting phyto-compound profile, and it also gives the consumer a spa-like experience. Along with the re-purposed back story, it fits perfectly with our overall ethos – efficacy, experience and ethical.”


Working with the licensed collectors of the timber, we have been able to create new markets and translate a wood species that was primarily valued for furniture into new, valuable products for personal care. What once was "waste" from a begone furniture industry is now transformed into numerous, gorgeous beauty products! It is exciting to create new possibilities for licensed collectors and revive an appreciation of a species by introducing it to a new audience and exposing its interesting compounds that manifest in a very rare blue colour and a serene scent, all harnessed from unused, previously felled Australian Rosewood logs left on the forest floor. This oil is featuring in one of our trials with one of Australia’s leading universities…we will keep you posted on the results.  


Like we’ve accomplished with our latest Queen Garnet ingredients, we enjoy developing the science to bring growers into new markets and to deliver the power of plants for brands and formulators to create new product experiences and stories with. A-Beauty is more than a trend - it is leading natural innovation, the best of science and nature, and it is about collaboration from source to product experience, and its inspiration and discovery have a long way to go! 

Zoe Kelly agrees, “A-Beauty and what we deliver is an innovation in itself! Working with Lisa on our next range has been so exciting, there is just so much coming from her wonderful lab, I sometimes don’t know where to start.”

“Collaboration is at the core of our mission. We love sharing our innovations and new findings for others to further innovate from and expand throught their unique translations, the original innovator is nature, we just look at new ways to harness its hard work and brilliant design from thousands and billions of years of evolution. Collectively we can create incredible outcomes. Brands need Growers and Growers need Brands. There is an exciting decade ahead for all the layers of engagement involved in bringing quality natural solutions to market,” 

Lisa Carroll, Owner and Innovator, NATIVE EXTRACTS

Australia is one of the largest mega-diversities in the world, and we are home to a strong primary industry that is expanding rapidly as well as building momentum on greater inclusion of First Nation enterprises in the supply chain. We are a nation of innovative groups of ingredient manufactures who are building the research and Australian Contract Manufacturers are spearheading formulation innovation with our botanicals, creating new markets for more natural products. Then, there are the inspirational and purpose driven brands that are telling new stories like Dr. Roebucks with their new oil! Translating repurposed waste from another industry into a beautiful new skincare product. The journey to creating Clean Beauty products is truly a collaboration from soil to skin and we’re so proud to be a part of it all – innovating new opportunities for growers, formulators, brands and consumers to benefit from.

Discover more of our consciously manufactured Cellular Plant Extracts, how we reduce our impact on the environment and how since 2013 we started sharing our growing library of unique species’ natural molecules that are contributing to A-Beauty…

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