NATIVE EXTRACTS Launches in Poland at HPCI Expo Warsaw

A New Age of Polish Natural Cosmetic Innovation as Iconic Australian Ingredient Manufacturer NATIVE EXTRACTS Launches in Poland at HPCI Expo Warsaw

NATIVE EXTRACTS continues its strategic global expansion of its eco-conscious Cellular Extracts range with an exclusive partnership with Polish division of OQEMA.

NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd (NE) is the leading phytotech innovator and iconic natural ingredient manufacturer behind Cellular ExtractionTM,   It announces plans to bring its highly regarded range of hydrophilic “True to Nature” Cellular Extracts (species’ natural molecules in their water-soluble entourage) to Poland. 

NATIVE EXTRACTS renowned for its scientific advances and changing the botanical extract space in the last decade - evolving it from maceration and percolation processes to delivering new plant profiles of natural molecules, a species water-soluble entourage. Cellular Extracts are an eco-conscious alternative to traditional plant extraction methods, a breakthrough when NE first announced in 2013. This innovation resulted in NE’s ability to harness the natural Vitamin C molecule through the NE Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract.

The team at OQEMA are excited about the possibilities of partnering with NE. “We were attracted to NE’s development of a far superior extraction process that delivers phyto-compounds unachievable through traditional methods. We further OQEMA’s mission to provide the best ingredients to our customers by introducing a wide range of NE’s products that truly deliver the power of nature, and its unique, innovative, organic, marketable, and eco-sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. We are delighted to work with a company that truly shares our values. We believe we can introduce our customers to new solutions and expand together, creating space to grow based on collaboration.”

NE’s Director, Lisa Carroll is excited to continue expanding the global footprint of their Cellular Extracts, world first essential oil – Rainforest Blue, and the latest breakthroughs in unprecedented nutrient dense range of liquid EssenXces for ingestion through Polish distributor OQEMA at the upcoming HPCI Expo in Warsaw next month. “OQEMA Poland and their team share our ethos for quality, plant ingredients that go beyond innovation in science but also offer new options for greater positive impacts on people and our planet. They are a perfect partner to bring Poland’s brands and formulators so many new True to Nature ingredients to create exciting first to market experiences to the Polish market!

Where Polish skincare brands and contract manufacturers will have exclusive access to a number of world-first ingredients. They will now have an opportunity to work with unique plant profiles delivering multiple phyto-compounds in a single extract - the water-soluble entourage of a botanical species.

We don’t isolate compounds, but harness the value of full plant profiles, as we continue to evolve the botanical extract away from past processes and synthetic standardisation. Consumers are wanting greater transparency, traceability and simplified ingredient lists. They want greater connection to their natural ingredients.

We employ advanced analytical technologies to build new knowledge around high-value compounds in their entourage for new natural solutions. We are entering an exciting decade of global research on natural molecules and new botanical sources. This exciting discovery period will contribute to new commercialisation opportunities for growers and opportunities for brands to collaborate with them at the source. 

We’re dedicated to connecting growers and brands and advancing technologies to harness the brilliance of nature’s design, and ar excited to see Polis brands build new stories with the latest natural hero ingredients and custom blends.”

HPCI will be running from the 21st to the 22nd of September in Warsaw, Poland. NE’s distributor OQEMA is one of the main exhibitors of the event. You can find them at booth 101 showcasing a range of Native Australian Extracts.

There will be a variety of samples available for review, including the Australian native heroes: Kakadu Plum, Davidson Plum, Native River Mint and Quandong. These are just some of the 400 extracts both native and non-native to Australia.

Be sure to stop by OQEMA’s booth, which will showcase NE’s range for the first time in Poland - an opportunity for the industry to see NATIVE EXTRACTS’ unique botanical offering and innovation in True to Nature ingredients.

Key reasons to attend HPCI Warsaw:

·      Keep on top of personal and home care ingredients trends and innovations

·      Compare and source products & services

·      Save time and minimize cost of ingredient discovery

·      Fuel inspiration and creativity

For a full list of extracts, book in time with the OQEMA team to discuss the range and view the technical overviews for Application Categories such as Hair, Anti-aging, Eye area, Teenage skin, Antioxidants, hydration ideas, and Datasheets.

NATIVE EXTRACTS looks forward to Poland’s personal care brands and contract manufacturers trialling True to Nature ingredients for upcoming NPD formulations or re-formulations.


The OQEMA Group, formerly known as Overlack, is one of Europe’s leading chemical distributors. It currently employs almost 1,300 people at 45 locations in 23 countries. The OQEMA Group is positioned at the interface between chemical manufacturers and chemical-processing industries, providing services Europe-wide across entire supply chains – from procurement to product development and individual formulation to logistics and recycling. It has exceptional expertise in providing technical and regulatory support to customers. OQEMA is also an exclusive sales partner for a variety of highly regarded manufacturers. OQEMA offers a dynamic and constantly growing portfolio of over 14,000 products.