5 Australian heroes you need to know for A-beauty skin care

A-beauty is on trend and in demand - here's why?

Skin care for a healthy lifestyle

A-beauty is a skin care trend that captures the easy going, healthy, outdoors, no fuss attitude to lifestyle that Aussies are famous for. It’s all about products that are pared back, simple to use, natural and organic and likely packed with newly discovered Australian native extracts.

A refreshing approach

The appeal of these products’ refreshingly uncomplicated regimes and straightforward formulations, has led to an explosion of Australian skin care products locally and globally. Big brands, such as Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr’s, Kora Organics, Jurlique and FrankBod are moving swiftly off the shelves, online and in retail, across the world. Closely followed by boutique brands like Mukti Organics and Edible Beauty, which are also performing strongly.

What customers want

Their popularity reflects what customers currently want from their skin care regime: Skin products that are not only good for their skin but are good for the environment. That are not loaded with synthetic ingredients but that harness the power of nature’s healing ingredients.

A winning formula

The secret formula of success for many of these A-beauty products are Australian native extracts. The astonishing potency for skin care of native species has only recently been uncovered. Surviving in harsh, isolated environments, Australia has plants that punch above their weight in phyto-compounds, antioxidants and vitamins. Completely natural and incredibly effective, they achieve outstanding skin and hair care results.

Ground breaking research by NATIVE EXTRACTS and our innovation in Cellular Extraction has led to water-soluble plant profiles of phyto-compounds of these species, which means that the magic within the plant cell can be taken out and used on the skin.

Creating powerful products

The demand for Australian native extracts has been so great, that Carroll has set up an Australian Ingredient Hub with partner Naturally Australian Products, in Los Angeles, so that US companies can easily source Australian heroes for their products.

Lisa Carroll, Managing Director of NATIVE EXTRACTS, provides the beauty industry with the Australian extracts, powders and oils they need to create their unique A-beauty skincare products. She also helps brands with the knowledge required to create a bespoke A-beauty offering. Most recently working with Australian singer and actor, Olivia Newton John on her, lush, organic and vegan Retreatment Botanics range.

So, what are the current top A-beauty ingredients you need to know about?

Here are five of Lisa's favourites right now:

  1. Kakadu Plum is wild harvested by Indigenous communities in Outback Australia and the fruit boasts the highest source of Vitamin C in the world. It’s amazing for skin brightening, de-pigmentation, anti-ageing and repair.

  2. Finger Lime with its delicate, tiny, juice pearls, is not just pretty, it also offers a unique plant profile of phyto-compounds that makes the perfect formulation for barrier function impaired skin. It contains natural Tryptophan and Ferulic acid and is a skin saviour for eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and super dehydrated or traumatised skin. It’s also a go-to for sensitive and sensitised skin types.
  3. The Davidson Plum is brimming with natural phyto-compounds including: Tartaric Acid, a natural fruit acid that stimulates cell turnover, works as a natural exfoliator and can improve barrier function helping skin repair and making it look healthy, glowing and vibrant. It also contains Quercetin, a flavonoid known for reducing inflammation.
  4. Mountain Pepper Leaf is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It sets new benchmarks for natural antioxidants as one of the highest antioxidants in Australian natives - outperforming popular antioxidant sources! Perfect for a natural pollution defence strategy.
  5. Quandong is a striking, shiny red fruit that’s recently been recognised by the cosmetic industry for its powerful bio-actives. It’s an allrounder for sun damage, anti-ageing, hydration and reducing pigmentation and is a perfect partner with the Kakadu Plum. 

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