Two Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss at This ASCC Conference

Wed, Mar 11th, 2020

This year’s theme of the conference, “for a clean and sustainable future,” is practically our ethos at “Native” as we aim to ethically source the purest plant materials for superior, True to Nature water-soluble extracts, delivering powerful natural molecules through our innovation in Cellular Extraction, the way nature intended. Our process is rapid, clean, draws on rain harvested water (filtered and purified) and is energy and waste efficient. NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd has been invited to present two technical papers this November at the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists Conference, to share our research and technical innovation from both a chemistry and sustainability perspective.

At “Native” we have been creating an unprecedented library of phyto-compound profiles and botanical sources since 2012, evolving the botanical extract and what we know of a species by engaging with growers to understand harvesting practices. We continue to evolve and introduce new processes in pursuit of harnessing the brilliance of nature’s design, leading to our latest advances in Native Essences – world first concentrations for ingestible, nutrient-dense ingredients.  

NATIVE EXTRACTS’ Director & Innovator Lisa Carroll and Lead Biochemist Avishai Karny will also launch exciting new ingredients at the conference, which will transfer to a multitude of applications and translate across numerous industries. So, mark your calendars (for our two presentations below) and register at the link below. This is going to be a conference that will define the future of A-Beauty and shape where the industry is headed next – you won’t want to miss it!


"Harnessing Natural Vitamin C"
The Cosmetic industry has long been obsessed with Vitamin C and what it can do for the skin, and for decades has been in pursuit of harnessing the natural format for extended periods. With the boom of vitamin C themed products, we have also seen a rise in the confusion across social media platforms about vitamin C (its various vitamers including ascorbic acid) and the different formats, and processes available, pH, as well as sustainable sources and clean processes. Our PhD qualified Lead Biochemist, Avi Karny, has been invited to present a paper that will help formulating chemists, contract manufacturers and brands take a deep dive into vitamin C and how they can harness it naturally.

In 2013, We publicly launched our world-first CELLULAR EXTRACTION of Kakadu Plum delivering the first natural vitamin C in an aqueous format. Now, after years of evolving our processes we can harness it for 24 months and counting. The flaws in common extraction processes can leave extracts void of real natural activity, often relying on synthetic substitutes. The discussion around this elusive molecule and the “synthetic vs natural” debate has created a lot of misinformation about molecular structure, permeability, stability and dissipation, which we hope to clarify. And more importantly, we’ll reveal how to best formulate with natural vitamin C for optimum efficacy.


"Can Conscious Cosmetics Save the Food Waste Dilemma?"
Spoiler ALERT: We think it can! We believe the beauty industry is a powerful platform to create change and look for solutions to challenges we face as a planet, such as pollution, improving sustainability and reducing waste. Repurposing valuable crop surplus as well as supporting the primary industry. With an exponential increase in consumer questions on traceability, transparency, carbon footprint, and ethically sourced natural ingredients, brands and their contract manufactures are looking for new ingredient solutions that positively impact our planet.

We'll cover this question from multiple angles, showing how plant extracts are creating new opportunities for farmers, harvesters, beauty brands and all people who want to support a cleaner planet. Sustainably sourcing our plant materials, improving ingredient manufacturing efficiencies and working closely with our growers will build a stronger primary industry, and lead to the innovation of technologies and applications for a sustainable source of natural compounds and phyto-activity.


Lisa's diary is filling up, but she would love to meet you at the conference! If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please EMAIL US your preferred availability to meet with us while we are in Melbourne for the biggest ASCC conference yet!