Native EssenXces are a NEW era of highly concentrated and nutrient-dense plant extracts for naturally-powered ingestible applications. Known for charting new paths and pushing new boundaries, again we evolve what is possible from a natural plant extract. The first of their kind, we deliver the true nutrient and natural flavour profile of the fruit or leaf by removing the solvent to give you breakthroughs in botanical concentrations.


In 2013, NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd publicly announced the evolution of the botanical extract to deliver natural molecules, new plant profiles of water-soluble phyto-compounds and their derivatives as they exist in a species’ cell. We introduced an unprecedented library of Australian native species. At the time, little data was commercially available on water-soluble profiles, but we presented a new look at what popular traditional botanicals could offer through our Cellular Extraction process.

Furthering our innovations in extraction since 2016, and expanding our early work on harnessing the natural Vitamin C molecule (biological ascorbic acid), our Native EssenXces have reached new benchmarks of liquid phyto-compound concentrations – 16000mg/100g!

Explore NEW possibilities with the latest in nutrient-dense liquids created from Australian natives and Australian sourced non-native species … focusing on specific natural sources of compounds, for NPD in the health and wellness industries!

Nature does the real work;
we harness and concentrate it.


NATIVE EXTRACTS leverages its scientific innovations to capture a snapshot of a species’ phyto-compound profile at the time of harvest: untapping a megadiversity and millions of years of evolution, working with botanical species that have, through natural selection, evolved in some of the harshest ecosystems to become efficient in creating and storing phyto-nutrients.

NATIVE’s Technical Team has advanced the science behind our Cellular Extraction, elevating the use of our organically certified solvents. Native EssenXces’ superior concentrations and complex phyto-nutrients also offer new synergies to explore between combinations of species.


From natural wellness applications to nutra-beauty shots, there are limitless opportunities for Native EssenXce formulations. Where are the gaps in your industry?

Based on market interest and demand, we see opportunities in the following categories and more:

    • Custom EssenXces & Blends
    • Immunity Wellness Boosters
    • Immunity Supporting Beverages
    • Antioxidant Boosters
    • Sleep & Calming Tinctures
    • Super Green Blends
    • Hair/Scalp Support
    • Alert & Focus
    • Recovery & Repair
    • Unique Non-alcoholic / Alcoholic Beverages
    • Nootropic & Adaptogenic Liquids
    • Collagen Shots
    • Beauty Glow Shots
    • Natural Nutraceuticals
    • Sublingual Drops
    • Single-dose Serves
    • New Beverage Flavours ... Etc.

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Expanding Opportunities for Natural Formulation

Explore the range below or CUSTOM BUILD your own NATIVE ESSENXCE. Enquire how our team of Naturopaths and Biotechnologists can assist you in creating something new. We work to your brief, offering various concentrations (2:1, 5:1, 6:1 or 7:1). You choose the nutrient-density appropriate for your formulation!