NATIVE EXTRACTS On Purpose | The New Faces of A-Beauty

Mon, Jul 18th, 2022

The Cosmetic Industry can be a powerful platform for change : Building Greater Inclusion as partners in the first Indigenous Entrepreneurship & STEM Pathway Program.

Engaging for Inclusion. Collaborating for Change.

We are honoured and excited to be chosen as an industry partner on a Native Ag + Food Entreprenuer Stimulus program, mentoring the next generation of emerging Indigenous Skincare brands. We are working closely with Dominic Smith, Pundi Produce Director and Riverland Hub Co-ordinator & Mentor. Dominic is committed to ensuring Australia’s Indigenous communities are involved and rewarded in the commercialisation of Native Bush Foods and Botanicals, not only monetarily, but also empowered with education, health, legal rights and agency to positively impact their communities.


Food Futures recently selected NATIVE EXTRACTS (NE) as a partner and mentor for the FIRST Indigenous Entrepreneurship & STEM Pathway Project for our experience and connections in the Personal Care Industry. Through this government and Food Futures initiative, we have committed to mentoring Indigenous girls and women, and empowering them with confidence, knowledge and entrepreneurial skills needed to successfully launch new ventures and/or participate in tech-based careers across the native ag+food value chain.


With a focus on positive socio-economic outcomes in regional areas, and greater inclusion of Indigenous brands championing A-Beauty, Lisa Carroll (NE’s Director) is currently mentoring a group of young, inspiring and driven Indigenous women from the SA Riverlands Region to create their own native botanical-based skincare brands that connect to country and their unique stories, culture and Indigenous supply chains.


Working hard on their brand development, meet Tenesha, Stacey and Katisha!

We are so excited to see you fly!

Collaborating with some of Australia's most skilled Contract Manufacturers and Formulating Chemsits, they have their first products scoped!

“We cannot wait to share more information on this empowering program and these dedicated young women on a mission for change. It has been an absolute honour working with Dom, Katisha, Stacey and Tenesha, learning and walking together on their journey, collaborating with so many of our partners – all contributing to the success of these up-and-coming business owners. Also, we send a BIG thank you to our skincare brand partners who have offered mentoring sessions to give the mentees valuable “real life” guidance based on their own experiences as brand owners, from their early days to becoming globally recognised brands.” – Lisa Carroll

Read more about the program in Food Futures' Update HERE.  

This program ultimately aims to increase participation of First Nation women in the native agriculture and food industry. Food Futures has created a program starting across 5 regional hubs to promote lasting, systemic change – to lower the barriers Indigenous women face because of their gender, cultural background, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. ...and we are so grateful to be a part of it!


Stay tuned to follow the progress of these new emerging A-Beauty brands!