New Team Additions Leading NATIVE’s Phyto-Tech Advances

It’s been a while since we’ve shared our faces, so long in fact, there are some new ones that we are excited to share! 

We’ve been growing in a lot of directions – delving deeper into research, expanding our reach through more global distributors, partnering on purpose-driven projects and much more. So, we’re grateful to have brought on some of the best in their respective fields to join us on our mission to provide more ‘True to Nature’ solutions.

We’ve really hit the jackpot with our new additions, and we are so excited for you to see their expertise translated into an upgraded NATIVE experience! We have some big projects in the works and are so grateful to have Hannah and Dale joining us at the helm as we continue to steer NATIVE toward advanced technology and transformative purpose.


Welcome aboard Hannah and Dale!

Head of Customer Experience – Hannah Mostyn

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What can we say? Hannah is a Unicorn!! You know when you envisage the right person for a role, and then you get more than you imagined! Your skill sets are incredible!! Experienced in production, NPD, high level Account Management, Product knowledge, Systems and Contracts! Plus an infectious positive energy that fills the room! You are definitely a super-human, and our clients have already love working with you, and so do we!!!

Straight into her role on day one, she will take our Customer Experience to new heights – she shares the NATIVE ethos of continual improvement, and the focus on customer service. Although she’s only been in the office for 2 weeks, Hannah has always felt like she’s been part of the team for ages! She lives and breathes this industry, with 15 years in Customer Service, a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a background steeped in aromatherapy and organic skincare formulation. She understands production and operations. She speaks our customers’ language and brings a level of understanding we know our customers will find refreshing and supportive, and a creativity that will inspire their NPD.

She is driven to educate brands and consumers on the power of plants and their various applications, and we couldn’t have found someone more suitable to translate our ingredients and plant profiles into natural products. Hannah will work closely with distributors, brands and formulators to create new and never-before-seen products with outstanding hero ingredients, and will be growing her team of Customer Service Reps.

What drew you to NATIVE?
I have known of NATIVE for a few years from working in the industry and I jumped at the recent opportunity to join the team! NATIVE’s powerful work harnessing natural molecules, particularly of native plants, offers brands, formulators and projects an unprecedented number of natural ingredients for creative formulations and applications.  NATIVE’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and their focus on inclusion and creating new opportunities in the market is most inspiring. I look forward to working closely with Lisa and the rest of the NE team. I know it will be a thrilling future for me here at NATIVE! 

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
I believe my greatest professional accomplishment is my continual interest in learning new things. My curiosity allows me to stay open to new possibilities and come up with creative solutions – which is always helpful with NPD! AND, landing the job at NATIVE! :)

How does your personal ethos mesh with NATIVE? What are you passionate about?
I have always had an interest in natural health and remedies, and I am incredibly passionate about the power of plants. Now as a part of the NE team, I look forward to learning more about conscious sourcing and sustainability, and the importance of inclusion in the industry. 

Hannah, it is a pleasure to have you join the NATIVE Family! It’s been such a perfect fit! Like you have always been here, and I can’t wait to see you fly in your role, you’ve already kicked some great goals! Big things ahead, and heaps of fun creating new customer experiences together!, Lisa Carroll


Lead Biochemist – Dale Savins

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With our work expanding on our Cellular ExtractionTM process, delving deeper into True to Nature plant profiles and collaborating with The University of Queensland on a large-scale anti-inflammatory screening and antioxidant testing of a wide range of our extracts, we are incredibly grateful to have Dale Savins join NATIVE’s Lab Team!

Dale Savins (BNat, BAppSci - Food Tech) joins us from an extensive scientific career with an impressive background as a naturopath and a sound background in plant and food chemistry, microbiology, analytical chemistry and phytochemical research. We are so delighted to have her on the team, to contribute to NATIVE’s research and mission to provide innovative natural solutions for numerous industry sectors.

Dale shares her thoughts on joining NATIVE ... "I feel privileged to work with a company of such high integrity that shares my values and ethics regarding sustainability, protection and support for Indigenous culture and innovation with a strong scientific basis. Working for NATIVE EXTRACTS allows me to marry my education and working career as a Food Technologist and Naturopath with a passion for the inherent healing potential of nature through botanical extracts.” 

Dale continues, “As an analytical chemist in the Plant Science faculty at Southern Cross University, I was able to witness the evolution of NATIVE EXTRACT’s extraction protocols over the years through the increased complexity of their plant extract profiles. I am excited to be a part of this dynamic company, working with industry partners in the Australian scientific community, as it strives to lead the science in plant profiling and ingredient development."


We can't wait to bring you more updates and advances from this SUPER team...stay tuned!