Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice Extract

Aloe barbadensis



ALANINE: Good functioning of skin's adrenal glands.

ASPARAGINE: Helps maintain balance in the central nervous system.

ASPARTIC ACID: For heart and blood vessels.

GLUTAMINE:  An ant-gastial duodenal ulcer drug found abundantly in Aloe Vera Juice; Readily passes the blood/brain barrier; Helps maintain proper pH-alkalinity, and healthy digestive track; Aids the body during periods of stress; Prevents muscle wasting.

GLUCINE: For the immune system.

HISTIDINE: For hearing and nerve cells.

ISOLEUCINE: Regulates metabolism.

LEUCINE: Essential in helping the body build other amino acids; Lowers blood sugar levels; Aids in increasing growth hormone production.

METHIONINE: Liver and kidney cleanser and regeneration.

PROLINE: For natural emulsifying.

THREONINE: Assists metabolism and assimilation, intestinal and digestive tract function.

ARGININE: For burning fat and muscle building.

CLUTAMIC ACID: For brain health.

CYSTEINE: Hair growth and life span extension.

HYDROXPROLINE: For natural emulsifying.

LYSINE: Fights herpes and simple viral infections.

PHENYLALANINE: For tissue maintenance and normal growth.

SERINE: Tissue cleansing in lungs and bronchial.

TYROSINE: For alertness and better memory.

VALINE: The spark of mental vigour.


A: Antioxidant, protects the body against heart disease, cancer, eye damage.

B1 THIAMINE: Skin, eyes, hair, heart function, nerve tissue, muscles, brain, circulation.

B2 RIBOFLAVIN: Assists with carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, antibody and red blood formation, healthy eyes, hair, skin and nails.

B3 NIACINAMIDE: Nervous system, dermatitis, diarrhoea, gastrointestinal disturbances, dementia, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, memory impairment.

B6 PYRIDOXINE: Dermatitis, insomnia, weakness, irritability and kidney stones.

C ASCORBIC ACID: Normal cell function, immune system, cold and flu.

D: Growth in children, kidney and liver disease.

E d-ALPHA TOCOPHERYL: Heart, lungs, eyes, liver, skin, infertility, circulation, scar tissue and muscles.


IRON: Haemoglobin and myoglobin, growth, teeth, skin, nails, bones and fatigue.

CALCIUM: Bone structure, teeth, blood clotting, nervous system, and insomnia.

COPPER: Helps fuel energy production, prevent anaemia and bone disease.

POTASSIUM: Body waste disposal, oxygen to brain, blood pressure, diabetes, heart muscles, nervous system and teeth.

SODIUM: Essential for body cell and fluid functions.

MANGANESE: Diabetes prevention, muscle strength, male potency, breast milk stimulant, utilises Vitamins B1 and E, aids metabolic processes.

CHOLINE: Breaks down fat deposits, helps prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease.

MAGNESIUM: Nervous system, memory, learning ability, sleep, menstrual cramps, aids Calcium and phosphorus metabolism, nervous system, heartbeat regulator, digestion, bones, arteries, heart and teeth.


Product Name

NE Aloe Vera Juice 99% Extract ANE0340AVAJ
Aloe barbadensis

Potential Applications

Hand Wash
Tooth Paste
Veterinary Products
Fruit Juices

*Any claims of benefits will need to be substantiated from the action of the finished product.



Micronised pulp (Inner Leaf)


3.50 - 4.50


Inner leaf

Shelf Life

24 - 36 months unopened from date of manufacture


Application specific


CAS: 85507-69-3 / 94349-62-9
EC: 287-390-8 / 305-181-2
Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice

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The range of compounds is only a guide as there will be fluctuations in the range available per batch as this is a natural product and reflects the nature of natural differences from harvest to harvest, source to source.

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